Hey there! I finally found some time to something fun and i decided to practise soldering for the first time in my life. I thought it may come to use as i am now studying for engineering in electronics (yay!).

And what else to practice on if not my old over 100 component ALU.

I have bought a soldering plate, with i hope, enough spaces to fit my project. Here is the photo http://imgur.com/8CC5ZX8

But i have a small problem. My ALU has been build on a breadboard with lines of 5, and 5 lines going across the board. If you take a look at the plate, you see that there are lines of 3, and 2 additional lines, going across the entire plate(left and right side on the photo). These are definitely going to be my Voltage supply and ground. But the problem is, that there are 2 more things(i can do without the 3rd one) that need to be used very frequently- my inputs. If i put them in one place, i would have to drag cable all across the entire plate multiple times, which in my opinion is not a good solution(there is a high chance the cable will loosen, its inpracical and all that stuff).

So do you have any tips or maybe some tools that i could use to help me map out the components so that i dont use too much cable? Or maybe tell me how you use to do when soldering a big project onto a board like mine?
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