I just got my TI-84 (+ SE) calculator a week ago. I felt like adding a game to it. I downloaded a 47kb game and MIRAGEOS. I sent the group file to my calculator and now I can't find it. I see it in the TI-Connect viewer as a "Group" file.

How do I make the game playable?
sorry for the noob question Sad
Well, you should be using Doors CS instead of MirageOS, for starters. It has many more features and lacks MirageOS's bugs (but I'm biased, I created it Wink). Anyway, once you successfully send the group to your calculator, go to [2nd][+] (Memory), [8] (Group), press [right] to go to UNGROUP, and hit [ENTER] on your group.
I agree completely with Kerm. Doors CS is the way to go. Well that's besides the point of this topic so I agree also with whatever else Kerm said because he is right. (;
If the game dates back from before 2004, you might need to ungroup it on the computer before sending it to the calc (or an emulator), though. Older group files are not compatible with TI-Connect/WabbitEmu/PindurTI (not sure about jsTIfied) unless they were sent from calc->PC using TI-Connect in the first place.
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