I launched a website about z80 calcs.
Nothing compared to cemetech or omnimaga of course :p

It's intended to become another community website.
Currently the content is very poor that's true Very Happy

I'm planning to propose some original content mostly assembly stuff because I don't want to provide what you can find here or on another website.

I plan to add assembly tutorials and all what members will contribute (but there's currently no member ahah).

Home : http://www.ti-84-plus.com/index.php

And of course a forum : http://www.ti-84-plus.com/forum/index.php

Please give me some feedback, what you think about the design, and what you espect from a website like this.
Do not take care about content, there's currently nothing...
Dowload the [latest TI-84 plus OS (2.55MP)]
This isn't allowed under the license agreement for the OS. I suspect you're also not allowed to rehost the SDK, but I'd have to look at the license agreement.
Ok I remove it, I wasn't aware about that sorry

edit: removed. Any way, providing official download stuff is not what I want to do in the futur, it was just to have some content to start Smile
Tari wrote:
Dowload the [latest TI-84 plus OS (2.55MP)]
This isn't allowed under the license agreement for the OS.

Even in the absence of a license agreement, it's not allowed under copyright law. It would be ok if the license allowed for redistribution (which the TI-84+ OS license does not).

By the way, I never accept the terms of the TI OS licenses (or for other software) as it is not required simply to use the software. Use of software is not something that requires permission from the copyright owner. Almost anything above and beyond using the software does require permission.
might i suggest using a "<DIV align="Center">" tag to that site? might look better. but thats just my thoughts. you did do that with the forum site, though.

even so, it has a nice design, and i notice a trend in how the subforums have been split. it also loads with decent speed, so far. no flash (that i have seen), yup. i like this site well.
Thanks Smile

Where to put <div align="center"> ?

Because I already wrap all content into a div with a css with a with fixed and margin:auto

What element is not centered?

For information, the forum is around 200 pixels bigger than the website.
Well, the DIV tag, pertaining to your website, should be placed right before the Table tag. or, if you are going to have content above the table, just place it right below your Body tag.

as for CSS, i dont know much about how to use everything it offers. are you using a template for this site, or is it self designed?

on the bottom of the homepage, second bullet of "what you can find on this site," Handheld is spelled without the second 'H'.

3rd bullet: Developer, not Developper.

just thought id point these out. Smile
It looks like a template to me. Also, you have the word "handheld" misspelled at the top of the page. I'm curious what you plan to do to make this new site unique from the existing sites' offerings.
On the subject of pointing things out, it's Texas Instruments. With an 's' at the end. It's also at the top of their calculators for future reference.

I loved the page detailing where to buy for both students and teachers. Quite comprehensive!
I suggest linking to http://education.ti.com/ rather than to http://www.ti.com/ on the front page (for the link with the misspelled "Texas Instrument" name). The former site is for TI's calculator/education division.
also, your links to other sites:
Yaronet Z80:
"A nice french forum wich some assembly development activity"
Is that supposed to be "With"?
it's Texas Instruments. With an 's' at the end.

Ok I done the correction.

I suggest linking to http://education.ti.com/ rather than to http://www.ti.com/

Fixed Smile

"A nice french forum wich some assembly development activity"
Is that supposed to be "With"?

This is not a template for the website, for the forum it's a modified theme (which by luck was very close to my design !).

kermM: I don't know what I will do, I have some ideas but I don't want to compete your website or omnimaga or anything else. I plan to focus on (assembly) game design currently, probably with homemade tutorials, assembly code review, assembly programs review...
My main interest is assembly, but I can't even imagine have better content than cemetech on this subject. With a close keyword domain name, I guess I could attract some newbies, and probably some future members.

I really need to find a way to complete the community forum offer than dilute the users.

if you have any idea, I would love to know it Smile

Fixed thanks
Yeah @Kerm that was my concern earlier when I first saw this, since a lot of new forums (especially in 2005 during the infamous Calc League era) tend to offer nothing new or nothing that other sites lacks. Eg TI-BD offers lots of BASIC help, Omni now offers lots of Nspire and Axe content and Cemetech more 83+ ASM/hardware/PRIZM stuff. Also forums on a website tend to get more popular when the site starts being known more.

And of course there was my concern about dilluting the community userbase at a time when all 4 major boards have an hard time keeping activity up at decent levels (and United-TI is an example of what can happen when activity gets too low for a long period of time). Cemetech and others are kinda safe, but the activity was way higher in 2006 and 2010.

Regardless, good luck. Smile One feature that would be nice is if you put links to OS downloads from TI website and maybe some of the necessary tools to remove the anti-downgrade protection on newer calcs so that people can get rid of OS 2.55MP.
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