Yeah, starting from 2018, the main French school exam, between high school and university, is supposed to use that exam mode crap, no matter the silliness and counter-productiveness (for end users, that is) of that move.
Pupils who already were in high school last year can keep using their existing calculators for the 2016 and 2017 sessions of that exam, even if they don't have an exam mode; pupils entering high school this year will be subject to exam mode - unless the education powers that be decide to revert the insane change, but that's extremely unlikely, unfortunately.
gbl08ma wrote:
in the case of graphic calculators it's often a bad idea to inherit calculators, unless the financial really does not allow it. I remember seeing people in my class with old Casio CFXs, and these were so slow compared to new Prizms and fx-9860Gs, that they effectively put these people at a disadvantage in math tests and comprehension-through-visualization in general, especially when 75% of the class has these newer calcs. The jump from low-resolution b&w screens to high-resolution color screens is even more noticeable (especially if you know well enough to install an image viewer, heh).
your image viewer is awesome. Prizm also seems to be the best choice due to processing speed and screen area size so my brother would be quite at the top of the range hardware wise I imagine. I don't think i have your utilities version with image viewer integrated but I prefer the viewer standalone anyway and as you pointed out before about disliking all in one designs: I can see your utilities actually benefitting from being split into one dealing with settings, another just doing file management and viewing files like images with hopefully tiff format and pdf viewings and text editing at some point (dreaming here about those possibilities), then making time keeping and password things totally separate. This is still from the point of being able to reuse the code efficiently like file management within the viewers etc which is not needed with settings or time keeping etc utilities. On another hand I have myself been tempted to add more functions to some of my add ins and have recently added Auto power settings option to my lock addin and started working on a clock add-in (planned for public release too) which may include lock and other options too. I justify it by the connection between the power off and lock functionality or between the watch and possibly powering the calculator off at particular time etc. Same way I would love image viewer to have file copying, renaming, deletion functionality but maybe not all the other utilities with it... But as i say i love the image viewer stand alone design anyway and if i could play with it on windows i would only try to change other things like using frame area, scrolling from one image into the next, extra shortcuts for navigation, remembering the current directory before adding other things. By the way is there i way to compile your projects online somehow for someone like me using windows only please?
v2.0 is finally out. To update and see what's new, go here:

Note that builds with PicoC support enabled are not yet available. Please be patient.
Oh, good news ! Thank you for you're work, I'll definitely give it a try, considerating the huge amount of changes between the 1.4 and this one, that seems to be a "must-have" update. Smile
Many Thanks and looking forward to PicoC support
I have noticed a bug with the new OS - changing functions buttons' colour does not do anything. I assume it is a problem with the new OS as my emulator is on the old OS and your add-in works as expected. Small chance it is an emulator vs hardware difference as I cannot recall if I tested this on the real hardware with old OS. I know that changing functions key colour through a test mode/Insight add-in works on the new OS on hardware calculator.

Many thanks again
At first I was confused by your message, since I was pretty sure I had tested the feature on a calculator with OS 02.00. Then I randomly decided to browse TI-Planet and saw some screenshots of a Prizm with what appeared to be an exam mode... yeah, 02.02 is out and introduces an exam mode (non-compliant with French law, but still, an exam mode). It also updates E-Con2 to E-Con3 and has some improvements to statistical functions (? I'm going by Google Translate).

How does this exam mode work? By setting the frame color to green, obviously. It's the closest thing to a led, I guess. Frame color and f-key label color are "close to each other" in the OS code for whatever reason. Probably the changes they made to set the frame to green, moved the color settings to another memory address. They are not hardcoded, since you say using the Test Mode to change the function key color still works.
Utilities is now changing a "random" memory address that may be used for anything else entirely. Because of this, I advise against the usage of the function key color changer under OS version 02.02 or any later version.

The exam mode also expires after 12 hours, which means the RTC has yet another use.

I'm more or less sure this compatibility problem can be solved. I'm also more or less sure a hack to fake the test mode without actually entering it is pretty easily done (in fact, I had a good laugh at the thought that I probably already know how to do it, and I didn't even use the new OS). Just changing the frame color through the test mode is enough to make it look pretty close to the real thing - and we all know how the test mode can be accessed even without add-ins installed.

I really don't want to look further into this - there's a serious risk that I'd end up accidentally finding just how weak the test mode protections are (in fact, the two color settings are probably still next to each other, and it would not be too surprising to find an exam mode flag next to them). I really don't want to know, it would put me in kind of an ethically awkward situation. Now I'm the one saying Casio would get annoyed at this.
Because of all this, and especially because I've moved on to other projects and I'm quite busy with university, I will not fix this problem. Utilities is open source and I don't mind helping people compile it (just keep in mind that, as I said, I'm quite busy). So if someone wants to fix it, go ahead.

Finally, I just noticed I never got around to releasing a build of Utilities with PicoC enabled. I shall do so and provide some example scripts, once I am finally free of these a finals (probably, by then I'll have forgotten, but keep hoping).

Merry Christmas!
No problem, I just wanted you to know about the bug. Thanks for your explanations and keeping somewhat active here.

Good luck with the finals and merry Christmas too!
As I wrote in other thread, I just realized I never published the PicoC version. I'm really really sorry and you're really really lucky that I didn't delete the Prizm development environment yet, so apparently the PicoC build compiled and I'm going to try it now. Stay tuned Wink
Hi, if you lost my other PM the fkey color address on the new OS is 0xFD8016AC (should you consider fixing it just to avoid problems with Utilities changing wrong address on that OS). Many thanks for coming back to release the Pico version. I hope you or someone else will make your add-ins compilable only somehow to avoid any trouble with development environments set ups on different platforms to be able to reuse your excellent work.
I'm not sure, I would rather declare Utilities as incompatible with any OS version past 02.00, because users have also reported problems with the system information function, IIRC, and since I'm no longer developing this add-in, I can't guarantee it will be compatible with future OS versions.

Oh well, since I ended up having to change some PicoC settings for it to work, I may release a new version instead of just recompiling v2.0 with the PicoC flags enabled. But to think of all the work I'm going to have reuploading Utilities to every website...
Very nice work! Do you know if it's normal that the startup brightness settings doesn't behave properly sometimes? I have spent hours trying to figure out if there is more information out there but there doesn't seem to be regarding brightness.

Sorry if this is well known...
Do you mean the brightness does not survive power off etc? I think it is a known issues...

I also just remembered there was an issue with unlocking too - by now i only remember the issues was when i opted for combining a few options available via utilities settings which were not default ones for lock functionality.
gbl08ma wrote:
But to think of all the work I'm going to have reuploading Utilities to every website...

Yes that is a problem indeed. I have found it best to just store the binary in one place that you have direct control over and don't use archives on a bunch of websites.

Also speaking of archives I edited my archives to say [delete me -- use github instead] and they got rejected instead of deleted. So please don't download my programs from the archives. I am no longer maintaining them. Also if someone who is reading this and can delete my programs from the archives please do so.
amazonka, please do try to remember or figure out what the issues were. In the end I decided to release a new version 2.1 of Utilities, because getting PicoC to work needed more than changing the compilation flags. Since I had to make commits to the repo, I now have kind of a... moral obligation to make a new release so that the version numbers look right (they are directly linked to the git repo).

The good news is that since I'm going to release a new version I can also fix the function key color thing in OS 02.02 (in fact, it's done already - check the GitHub) and any more issues you find - but you need to be quick, I want to get this done ASAP. I need someone to help me test the function key color changer on OS 02.02, as I don't want to install it on my Prizm. Volunteers: please send a PM.

ProgrammerNerd wrote:
Yes that is a problem indeed. I have found it best to just store the binary in one place that you have direct control over and don't use archives on a bunch of websites.

And this is what I did, in the beginning. Actually, it's what I still do - the links are the "official" download links, and stuff always gets uploaded on the servers of the TNY network first. Perhaps cowardly, and given the slight pressure from administrators/staff of multiple forums, at some point I went ahead and submitted my add-ins to a number of them. I have them listed in the checklist I go through when releasing a new version, so I don't forget any (hopefully), but it's still a major PITA.

And yes, I know I'm a bit late with regards to releasing the PicoC version, but I really had no time to work on this during the weekend. At least I wrote some documentation on the train last Friday as I went home. So if you are impatient (and/or want to help catch a few grammatical errors and things that would be better rephrased), here it is:

If you want to recall what PicoC in Utilities is, well over a year ago (sigh, I'm so late) I posted a lengthy demo. The action starts at ~4:30, here's a link:

Note to self: I need to fix the screenshots in the first post
I'm really sorry I won't have access to my hardware calculators for a few weeks now - so won't be able to test 2.02 for you - but I believe the address I PMed you before worked on my 2.02 - I also do not remember for sure if sending any keyboard stroke after this was needed with getkey after for it to take effect... By the way I was able to downgrade from 2.02 if you are in a rush and do not find other volunteers in the required time.
Regarding your lock functionality - I will have to access my hardware calculators to confirm as I now started thinking it was some bug with run-mat option on your lock settings in combination with Lock on [EXE] option and possibly Off after locking - I cannot reproduce it on the emulator so maybe it was about the simultanious keys press to get out of the run mat or something else not working - really sorry I have no access to real hardware right now to confirm.

Hope your exams go well - I assume they are not over for you yet - so maybe we revisit your Utilities update after them. Good luck and speak soon
The documentation should be mostly complete. I added some example code at
This is very exciting. C is much better than Casio's basic.

I already use utilities quite frequently and I welcome the addition.
In case you have been wondering why it's taking soooo looong...

I'm sorry for the GIF, err, high-quality autoplaying video, but I couldn't keep this to myself.

Awesome ... and especially needed with picoc feature too. Well done
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