nsg, I'll implement the feature when I have time. And krazy, I have already said that it's impossible to do that with our current knowledge.
Krazy: "prompt on unlock" may help you.

[shift],[menu],scroll to "calc lock settings",[exe],down to "Run-Mat on unlock", press [exe] til
ask" appears. Wink
flyingfisch wrote:
Krazy: "prompt on unlock" may help you.

[shift],[menu],scroll to "calc lock settings",[exe],down to "Run-Mat on unlock", press [exe] til
ask" appears. Wink

I know how to turn it off it's I want to be able to exit run-matrix to the clock.
could you allow access to @MainMem, even if its read only?

Also, could you make it list the files in alphabetical order or is that not possible?
The @MainMem folder in Storage Memory other file browsers let you access is not the real main memory, but rather a mirror of the main memory that gets updated before and after USB connections. So there's little point in accessing it.

If your idea is to copy the BASIC program files directly from the main memory in order to rename them to .lua files, I think you're out of luck. The program format in main memory is different from the one that gets written on TXT export and I think copying directly wouldn't work.
oh. alright. well, i guess its about time someone makes a text editor then.
Is there already someone making an editor? If not, I'll ram the line editor and an explorer routine together and create a dirty-coded quick solution Very Happy

Btw, I don't know how I could survive without this utilyties Laughing
Probably you want to hear some suggestions:
-You could make an extra F-Key for two different modes: gaming and energy saving mode (in advanced mode, both should be customizable)
-You could also make us able to control the ICLK (advanced mode) and clock up to 101.4 MHz (only when USB is connected); then I wouldn't need Util and Pover at the same time anymore.
I haven't forgotten about this add-in, but it's development is paused for now as I'm busy with other things, and after I formatted my Linux partition and reinstalled the SH4 GCC cross-compiler, it seems to be producing bad code, as I get lots of unexplainable errors on code that worked fine when compiled with the GCC I used before.
Right now Utilities doesn't allow for overclocking up to 101 MHz because even while this some works fine on some calculators, and even though it would only allow for entering it when the USB is connected, the user could disconnect it at any time, getting some nasty error message and possibly some data loss, and since this is designed for noobs, I don't want to have even more people asking me for support than I have now. Same goes for the ICLK - this is for noobs.
The CPU changing thing is already only visible when "advanced settings" are enabled, but the problem is with those people that want to accelerate the CPU but don't quite understand the problems of going to 101 MHz, or messing with the ICLK. So I'm afraid providing such advanced functionality is out of the scope of this add-in, and you'll have to keep using Pover.
What about an expert mode?
Or a secret key combo?

(Ok, I stop annoying, I'll use both addins.)
Long time no news...

Three weeks ago I began rewriting Utilities from scratch. Of course I reused some code but the way the code is organized, as well as the memory management, is completely different. The stability of the add-in is much improved, as I'm yet to see a single system error when using the calendar or tasks. Memory usage is now much lower which may allow me to increase maximums in the future (max. events in day, max. files in folder, etc.).
Thanks to Simon Lothar at Casiopeia for making me look into timers when trying to solve some problems... it turns out the remaining bit of instability I couldn't solve with better memory management, was due to the fact that I had timers running while calling Bfile syscalls, causing system errors.

The new Utilities add-in looks much like the same as the old one, it has less lines of code and a smaller binary size (less than 140 KB) to do exactly the same things as the old version, but much better. I have no idea how many bugs were fixed (and how many were introduced), but I'm sure they were a lot.

There should be no longer a need to keep your calculator's filesystem extremely optimized as this new version I'm about to release, should work even in very fragmented storage memories (it will only be slower, but without errors).

And now, instead of six timers and six stopwatches, you will have 20 chronometers which can go either upwards or downwards. The chronometer UI is IMHO much better than the previous stopwatches+timers UI. You can set, pause, start and clear multiple stopwatches at once.

See the commit message here: https://github.com/gbl08ma/utilities/commit/263f91e9df694cc41cccee64e61784adb7becfe4

But there's one important bit for existing users:
In order to speed up release of the new version and save me some work coding a migration assistant, please promise that before using the new version, you're going to:
- Delete the @UTILS folder in Main Memory;
- Rename the @CALNDAR folder in the storage memory of your calculator to @UTILS (you must do this on the computer because the OS won't accept the @ as a valid character);
- Inside the @UTILS storage memory folder, delete the file Hash.plp in case it exists.

After doing these steps, you could finally run the new Utilities add-in without problems. Does it sound too hard, or do I really need to write a migration assistant? Smile
I'm glad you were able to get Simon to help you. I've tried in vain to get him to participate in the community here and keep his documentation up-to-date in our archives, but I'm afraid that has been a fruitless project. Anyway, I think those steps are plenty understandable to me, although did you mention on IRC/SAX that they're impossible for a user due to the @s in the folder names?
KermMartian wrote:
did you mention on IRC/SAX that they're impossible for a user due to the @s in the folder names?

I said:
Rename the @CALNDAR folder in the storage memory of your calculator to @UTILS (you must do this on the computer because the OS won't accept the @ as a valid character)

You can't do it from the OS itself, but doing it over USB is OK.

Simon has been pointing out some problems in my code, mostly related to wrong syscall use (see my other topic about "things I learned"). But the reason why the calculator reboots when adding calendar events or tasks is yet to be discovered, despite having four eyes looking to the problem already.
Six months after the previous public release, the new Beta 9 of the Utilities add-in is out! This version comes after an important refactoring of the source code, which by itself led to many fixed bugs and much higher stability. The g3a binary is also smaller (about 136 KiB) while featuring the same features plus some new ones, and that's a big plus on a device with limited storage memory like the Prizm.

The most noticeable new "feature", is probably the increased stability on tasks and calendar events, as well as in the file browser.
You no longer need to keep the storage memory fully optimized for calendar events and tasks to work without system errors.
Another new thing is a new timer/stopwatches system, which is now called "Chronometer". There are 20 chronometers and each of them can go upwards or downwards. You can now select multiple chronometers (hint: Shift+F1 on the chronometers list shows useful selection options).

There's now also a way to open files as text, with automatic line ending detection (supporting CR+LF, CR and LF) - on the file manager, press EXE when hovering on a file, then press F1 on the file information screen to open the text viewer. This still doesn't automatically convert special characters from ASCII to Casio's multibyte system but it's something I'm planning to add.

File copying has been added, but this is unfortunately still too unstable, so this option will only appear when the "Show advanced tools" setting is enabled. Note that this is one of the last two functions of the add-in which are unstable (the other is the Add-In manager, which keeps being unstable probably because of a OS limitation - one can't touch the add-in array under normal circumstances...).

Now there's a way to save the current time to a OS Basic variable (those you can use on Run-Mat and almost everywhere in the official software): press the X/θ/T key on the main screen (where you see the time), and the hour fraction will be saved to the variable T with the maximum precision the RTC allows.

This add-in is finally headed for a stable 1.0 release - this Beta 9 release would be called a RC, if it weren't for the Add-In manager and the file copying function, as well as a little feature that was committed to the git repo already in March, but got lost as I refactored the code. I shall add that little feature in time for the next release.

Update instructions:
(only applies if you used Utilities before Beta 9)
This bit is really, really important as there are some folder names that changed with this new release; also, not all files are compatible (calendar events and tasks are compatible, though). You must follow the following instructions for Utilities Beta 9 to work properly:
- Delete the @UTILS folder in Main Memory (Memory app in Main Menu, press F1, scroll down to @UTILS, press F1, F6 and then F1);
- Now connect the calculator to your computer through USB, as a flash drive, and perform the following steps:
- Rename the @CALNDAR folder in the storage memory of your calculator to @UTILS (you must do this on the computer because the OS won't accept the @ as a valid character);
- Inside the newly renamed @UTILS storage memory folder, delete the file Hash.plp in case it exists (the new Hash.plp file is no longer compatible with the ones from previous versions).
- Copy the new utilties.g3a (download below) to the root folder of the calculator, overwriting the old one.
- Safely disconnect the calculator from the computer. You are ready to use the new version once your calculator finishes updating the Main Memory...

Download Latest Version
I ended up changing more things after Beta 9 than what I expected. I don't plan to make another beta release though, and I'm heading for 1.0 within the next days.

Unfortunately I couldn't solve the add-in manager instability (the OS doesn't like messing with add-ins while an add-in is running, period). I couldn't solve the file copying problems, either, and so it stays as an "advanced tool" disabled by default.

You will be able to set reminders for events, because I made it much easier to set up a downwards chronometer that will end on an event's start time.

Now, to incite curiosity...

The file browser has a cool new feature which didn't increase the binary size much, because most of the code needed was already in for use on the calculator lock function...

Setjmp/longjmp support from a library I converted from Casio's fx9860 SDK to the GCC format, plus a random lucky thought, led to another really great feature... a feature that has been requested multiple times on this thread and which I'm sure is much awaited.

Stay tuned...

(or, just check the commits on the git repo...)
Sounds great! I can't wait(I rhymed Razz )! Very Happy
could you implement repeating events for the calendar?
flyingfisch wrote:
could you implement repeating events for the calendar?

Not for this release. And, with the current storage model, it's really hard. Events are stored on a file according to their start date. It's already hard to tell which days are "busy" and which are not (for events lasting multiple days), which is why it doesn't display it.

EDIT: 1.0 is out, check the first post. There's also a ZIP read-me for those people who love them Smile
A small bug:

If you move a full-day event, the "ends-on" date don't change
balping wrote:
A small bug:

If you move a full-day event, the "ends-on" date don't change

That's not a bug, it's a feature Wink OK, actually not. It happens on every event. In fact, it's because I haven't added code to calculate a new end date based on the difference between the old new begin date and the old begin date. For now you'll need to edit the end date every time you copy or move an event, if you want it to match with the new begin date.
If you take a look at the commit history, you'll notice version 1.1 will have lots of new features and many bugs fixed (including the one balping reported).
Feel free to suggest new features to include for the next release.
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