Hi guys !

Maybe you have heard of the PC and iDevices game Super Crate Box. Maybe not. Well, that's like you want ;D

Anyway, I'm porting it on z80 calcs now, using the faaamous Axe parser 1.1.2 Smile

Of course, I haven't finished yet : I planned to add more weapon, make title and game over screens and more.

Share your comments Smile
Interesting. This reminds me a lot of the classic Bubble Bobble game, albeit much more simplistic. Is it in fact close to that game, or am I imagining things? Also, glad that you're using HomeRun and Doors CS (I recognize that hourglass!). Smile
Nope, I hadn't think of this game.

And yeah, my wabbit will keep DoorsCS ^^

And also, little update : when you grab a crate, there now is a small text indicating the weapon you got.
What weapons does it offer now, Matrefey? Also, I assume this game is about 2KB or 3KB so in its current form?
For now, it offers pistol (the first one, you can't have it again), dual pistols, shotgun, lasergun, machinegun, discgun and minigun.

Em ^^' in fact it's already 5k large, but I really have to optimize it.
Nice work, matrefeytontias! I hope this turns out to be more successful than my clone was xD I can't tell from the screenshot, but do the enemies have individual healths?
leafiness0 wrote:
Nice work, matrefeytontias! I hope this turns out to be more successful than my clone was xD I can't tell from the screenshot, but do the enemies have individual healths?
Oh, you made a port of this game as well? Why do you say that it was unsuccessful? Did no one like it, or were you unable to complete it?
@leafiness0 : yeah, small guys have 2 HP and big ones have 8 HP.

@KermMartian : he did start a project a long time ago and posted it on Omnimaga : http://ourl.ca/14092
Unfortunately, he never finished it.
Ah, thanks for that, now I know. I wish you lots of luck with this, then. It seems you're making steady progress, so please keep us posted of updates. Oh, and before I forget, how many levels will this be released with? How many levels did your gravity game have at release?
Don't worry, I'll update it regularly Smile

I planned to release it with 3 levels : the first two of the official game, and a level I made.

For now, Gravity Walls has 2 sets of levels : GWBasic (the default one, including 5 levels) and SpikeLvl (on Ti-Calc), a pack including 5 levels based on spikes.

But all I want is the others making new levels by their own (I think might add more tiles to the game, tho).
So have there been any updates on this? The fact that ticalc.org has a front-page article on it makes me think there may be. Very Happy And don't forget the Cemetech Archives!
Yeah, I forgot a bit about this topic, sorry ^^'

So, let's do a quick summary of the done and upcoming features :

Already done :

  • Epic title screen image by Persalteas Very Happy
  • 2 monsters types
  • Monsters get angry when they fall in the hole in the bottom of the level, and then go 2x faster !
  • 10 weapons (find them all Wink )
  • Stats : highscore, killed monsters, player's death, total collected crates
  • Game over/continue pop up when dying (it doesn't send you back to the title screen/homescreen anymore)
  • You die when you fall in the hole in the bottom of the screen (it's nothing, but I was so lazy I just added it Very Happy )

And know the planned features :

  • 3 levels to play (including the already playable one)
  • 3 difficulty settings for each level (↑), which of course you'll have to unlock by beating a certain score
  • 3 more weapons (wait for them ...)
  • Another monster type
  • The ability to unlock weapons (of course I will lock them before Razz) with a system of achievements
  • Make the discs kill you if you're hit by them (I just forgot to add this to the already released version xD )
  • Improve character's sprite (↑)
  • Moar stats : unlocked weapons, highscore for each difficulty setting of each level

After that, my life will be complete ... Just Joking Razz

And of course, screenie ! Not telling much indeed, but I hope it's enough to make you want to try it out ^^

You can download the game at Ti-Calc : http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/452/45238.html

Enjoy !
Thank you for porting this game to the 83+/84, this is really awesome, it is amongst one of my favorite indie games. I'm just downloading it now, but from the screenshots, the fact it was on the Ticalc front page and Vlambeer have found out about it, you should be really impressed. I will review it on the Cemetech archives.
Here you go, I uploaded it : http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=875
Sorry it took me ages to review it! Nice job. The review is at the archive page.
I read your review, and most of the complaints you made (excluding levels-related ones) can be resolved in an hour, so I'll quickly take care of that (if I have enough motivation to get it back for such a small edition Razz). I wanted to make it as close to the original as possible, but the aimed platform is still a 6 MHz calculator. So for example you'll never see the fire at the bottom of the level, it'd slow down the game too much (already tried). Also, I absolutely can't understand the way the flame thrower works Razz

Anyway, the actual version is pretty much what I wanted to be a final version, but I'll surely take it back (that would be the 3rd time actually) to add some more features, mostly levels-related.
Glad you read it. My complaint isn't in the fire not being there, it's the fact it is impossible/difficult to jump over the hole.
That too I surely won't change, because it would be jumping too high (modifying the jumping height would lead to add ≈ 7 pixels to the jump, and it's much).
That makes sense, fair enough.
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