I usually search the patents belonging to various companies (like sony, apple, samsung, microsoft...) to know at first hand the technological innovations.

Recently, I decided to do a patent search of Casio and I found what may be the next Casio calculator with touchscreen technology.

Below is a draft, possibly a prototype:

Features of this "future" new calculator:
-Multitouch screen

-Possible wifi connection


-Anti-cheating feature

Patents (where i found this):

Original source
I dont really understand, what woudl you need a colored screen in a calculator for? And touchscreen? Why? When this is added nothing stops them from adding and option to make calls, which makes it basically equal to nowday: computers, TV's, cell phones.
Patents are usually filed when a corporation drafts up a design it thinks is worth protecting. The top two links were filed in 2010 and the bottom one was filed in 2006 and granted in 2010. While US7840621 it has yet to appear functional in a modern calculator.

It's pretty fascinating to see where companies would like technology to go via filed patents.
I find the colors on the Prizm screen to be very useful, specially when multiple graphs are drawn.
i like the concept of the handwritten math formula recognition.
helder7 wrote:
i like the concept of the handwritten math formula recognition.

I second this; for long, complex equations and inputs, it could raise my personal productivity greatly. Thanks for sharing.
It's not a new concept, though it's new for graphing calculators. The only problem with this is that the SAT/ACT both ban calculators with pen input, but I salute Casio for not limiting all their calculators to what those bodies allow. Here's an online Java demo of handwriting recognition applied to math, by the way:

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