Well this might give away what I am working on but, sigh, I am stuck. Luckily it doesn't seem to be that big of a problem.
So the problem is when displaying the lines, it starts in the top left which is understandable but when looping through the while loop the lines start drawing more and more to the right when they should be parallel with the first. I am stumped. Do any of you know what's going on?


void disp_cards() {
   int B=223;
   int C=1;
   int color=COLOR_BLACK;
   while( C!=5) {
      if (C==3) color=COLOR_RED;
      drawLine( 1, 224-B, 45, 224-B, color);

The drawline is one of the drawline routines in one of the threads.
I see nothing wrong. Wink
Hmm its messing up on my prizm. I am confused now..
Here is my main():

int main() {
   while(1) {
      int key = PRGM_GetKey();
      if(key == KEY_PRGM_MENU) {  GetKey(&key); }
        if(key == KEY_PRGM_F6)
   return 0;
Lol, I was just thinking of starting to make a card game in LuaZM... coincidence?
Well after pulling my hair. It turned out to be incorrect screen boundaries. Wow.
Well I'll just leave this in this thread. These are my results of my slow limited programming time. The layout for a Solitaire game after finishing a really slow version in Prizm-basic. Here is a picture:
edit: image is large, click link if you want to see it..

I was designing a playing card back and I came up with this:
Haven't used this in a while..
I started programming again and have a question(s):
-First off in many of the Casio applications as well as some member applications, have boxes with text in them (buttons) on the bottom of the screen, the uniform style that casio has chosen. I was wondering how to implement them in my applications.
Use FKey_Display(), the hex codes are here: http://prizm.cemetech.net/index.php/FKey_Bitmaps
You can see all the bitmaps available using INSIGHT.
Ahh thanks guys!

Actually I can get their text, but how do you do your own custom text?
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