KermMartian wrote:
flyingfisch wrote:
ok... I have found a bug now that i am actually using this for math.

First, when tracing Z1=X, when X=1, Z=-.999..., when X=2, Z=-1.999...

This is obviously incorrect.
That's an artifact of the floating-point format. I (and by "I" I mean "vprintf") should probably be rounding instead of truncating.

Please note that Z is negative when X is positive, which should not happen either... is that printf also?


Also, maybe it is too late, but what about having it calculate the points on the graph once, store it to an array, and then display the 3d array the same way you would with any 3d model? Wouldn't this allow faster spinning?
That's what it already does. The computations it needs to do during rotation are the transformations for scale and rotation.

Oh ok. Why does it not spin as fast as Hugh's 3d addin?
I have no idea without looking at how his works, but I bet part of it is that I use software floats for my 3D rotation math. I wouldn't be surprised if the program that Hugh ported or wrote uses fixed-point math, which is much faster.
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