I'm looking for a calculator to do some C programming. I already have experience programming for videogame consoles and other platforms and I love the community of games that are around these calculators.

I've read that the TI calculators no longer support C/ASM programming? Is that right?

I'm looking at the Casio FX CG50, is that a good choice? I've seen the TI-83 Premium CE Python for the same price but I guess the TI doesn't support C programming?

Is there any other alternative for that price point?

TI 83/84 plus CE can run C and ASM if you jail break them with something like Cesium (https://github.com/mateoconlechuga/cesium) and arTifaCE (https://yvantt.github.io/arTIfiCE/) and download the C libs
I would confidently say the TI-84 Plus CE. This calculator has been patched, but there's an easy jailbreak for it that is really easy and anybody could do. I can't say much for other calculators, I know there are some others out there that may be programmable in C/asm, but the TI-84+ CE is the most popular, has the largest library support, and is the recommended calculator for schools, if that makes any difference.

Edit: I think it might be called the TI-83 premium or something like that in a lot of other countries, like France iirc. I'm in the US
The TI-84 Plus CE and the Casio Prizm (fx-CG50) are both good candidates for C programming, but the community for the TI-84 Plus CE is more active, and there are more tools available to support development and debugging. At least in the US, there's also a larger audience of users for whatever you create, while Europe has a decent set of fx-CG50 users.
However a quick look up on Casio says that there is a higher amount of ROM that can be used but the TI beats it with the higher amount of RAM
Potatoman1234 wrote:
TI 83/84 plus CE can run C and ASM if you jail break them with something like Cesium (https://github.com/mateoconlechuga/cesium) and arTifaCE (https://yvantt.github.io/arTIfiCE/) and download the C libs

That's great! I'll get a TI-83 premium CE python then (I'm from Europe).

Looks like the Casio has a faster CPU for the same price (it can actually run Doom) but I'm more interested in the bigger TI community. Also the Z80 is a classic.

Thanks everyone.
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