I'm currently working on a vanilla PVP-map with a bunch of friends.
With vanilla I mean pure vanilla, no plug-ins/mods/... just powered by command blocks (we currently have 1000+ command-blocks in our world).
The name CustomCombat is because we want to give you a lot of options to create the combat experience you want by having a ton of game-types. So this are all the gametypes we want (if you have an idea for another one, just post it) :

So now we're talking about the controlroom. We have options to change the time/kill limit (+ choose which you want to enable), but sadly I can't access the map now to take a screenshot of it (it will come for sure!). here are some other options:

So if you play TD (Team Deathmatch) or other gametypes in teams you have the team selector. You just stand on the block and you join the team, if one team feels they're ready they flip their lever to mark it. When you flip the lever it also blocks you from leaving/joining that team.

After the team selection you need to choose a class in our class selector that we build with fancy signs (still vanilla Very Happy ) were you click on:

And I see we haven't showed our lobby, I think some people are gonna recognise it but I won't tell anything yet Smile. There are some "displays" in the lobby too, wich displays the gametype + map that are selected nowWe also have some lobby games, so here is our lobby + the most popular lobbygame:

Last but not least (if I haven't forgot anything...): The maps + ingame.
We only have a few (2) good maps, so I took screenshots of the best one IMHO. While you're fighting you have at the left side of your screen a scoreboard with some information like the total team kills and player kills so you know who is winning while fighting. Well, lets just put a link here to not have scroll over 9000 times to get to the bottom. FANCY SCREENSHOTS

We also do regular beta-test (well, most of the time we're bored) to find some bugs or test new features so if there is interest of joining a testgame, I'll put it here so you can join us.
When the map is done we'll also release a download so other people can play it too.
If you have some things we should add, be sure to post it in this topic.
I just played on this map with Lennart and Monkey, and it was a great deal of fun. There are two main maps. One that is clearly meant as a team map, with a red ("fire") side and a blue ("ice") side. It includes plenty of fun obstacles and buildings to give every class of player a way to exploit their skills. The second map is more of a wilderness arena, with a central building and many trees and hills. We used this map both for a free-for-all, every-man-for-himself deathmatch, and for a series of 2-on-1 team deathmatches. Both types were very fun, and it was particularly enjoyable to experiment to understand which classes were good counters to other classes. The classes include the Ninja, which has invisibility and a shuriken, the Archer, weak in close combat but excellent from afar, the Tank, which is slowed down but has a strong sword and a shield, the Knight, who is faster with better armor and a sword, and a few others that I didn't test out. Nice job, guys, and keep up the excellent work. I will definitely want to play again, and I'd strongly consider making this map part of the Cemetech server.
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