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The server undid 12 hours of my progress. How regular are those backups?

For reference, what I was working on when comicIDIOT last signed off is now gone.
Weregoose wrote:
The server undid 12 hours of my progress. How regular are those backups?

For reference, what I was working on when comicIDIOT last signed off is now gone.
Tekkit or Bukkit? Why did the server undo progress? We do daily backups at 6am.
Bukkit; the server crashed an hour before the backup.

I didn't complain when a stream timeout reverted half of my cave exploration earlier this week, but now I wonder how regular this will be, and hence how much punishment I should expect to endure for long play sessions. It deleted: terraforming; city wall-building; trans-biome grass-spreading; sheep-dying and shearing; carpeting; pumpkin, wheat, and jungle tree-farming; slime-hunting; redstone-mining; and lastly villager housing and breeding. A computation in the latter must have finally brought everything down, erasing half a day of work.
Fascinating. This is the first reported incident. Sadly, more reports will have to flow in to help pin-point a cause or at least set us in the right direction. But I find it odd that it would only revert back half a day and not to the last back-up. I was playing last night and you'd leave and come back a few minutes later (it seemed like you were AFK as you didn't respond to any chat messages or comment on anything I was saying.)

I would imagine the game writes to a file as soon as a block enters your inventory, or leaves it, but maybe it stores all that in a temp file. However, that doesn't explain why seed planting and sheep dying was undone.

None of my progress was reverted but I was already asleep at 11p (and probably done playing around 9p) and the server restarts at 6a Eastern (or is it 7a?). So it's likely I wasn't effected anyways. I'll write a post on the Servers facebook page and see if anyone else was online at that time.
There's a flush-to-disk that's supposed to happen every ten minutes, which I see the cron was disabled for. I have re-enabled it. I'll also check the server log to see what was responsible for the crashes.
After enough successes, I am no longer compelled to cross my fingers whenever I sign off.

Also, I think the dynamic map could go for longer periods without updating if it would relieve the server stress a bit.

Thirdly, the server does seem to be inaccessible for a while in the morning. Why is that? Edit: A better question is why it takes so long to get back up. Shower and coffee?
The script never successfully restarts the Bukkit server. It works fine on the Tekkit server, though. We have plenty of resources to let the DYNmap update at it's regular interval, I actually don't know if it's even configurable. I also notice that the map doesn't update if the window or tab isn't active.
Actually, more than you realize. The restart doesn't succeed with the bukkit server, although the automated shutdown and backup do succeed. Each day I get up, have my coffee, and start it up again, and add more debugging echos to the restart file. Hopefully I'll have it figured out by tomorrow or Tuesday. Smile If it's down, don't hesitate to ping me. Regarding the DynMap comments, do you actually find it laggy? We're throwing tons of resources at the server atm. Sad
I'm advocating fewer updates to DynMap. It's more persistent than we need it to be, I feel.
Weregoose wrote:
I'm advocating fewer updates to DynMap. It's more persistent than we need it to be, I feel.
OK, that's fair. I will look into turning down the update priority.
Can I have permission to build on your Minecraft server? My username is Sheffy_.
16aroth6 wrote:
Can I have permission to build on your Minecraft server? My username is Sheffy_.
I believe you now have permission. Be sure to obey our easy-to-understand rules.
I downloaded the "horses update" (1.6.1), and now I cannot connect to the cemetech minecraft server. I either need to downgrade (how?), or wait until the server is upgraded too (is that a lot of work / consideration?)

EDIT: Problem solved - The new launcher allows you to click "Edit Profile" and select whatever version you want to play with. Go ahead and download the new launcher if you want to see the horses update; you (apparently) won't lose the ability to play under an older version!
Will you add
NewCoolPC and
isavegas (my brother) to the server whitelist?
I finished my self-modifying maze! It's programmable too (but stay out of the control room for now Razz ) ... I think I misplaced a wall when setting up the current configuration, but it works.

It's at the end of the road heading east from spawn, in the desert.

Every time you go through, it's a different Maze! (Well, it repeats itself every 30 cycles, but that's a lot to remember). Enjoy!

Edit: on mc.cemetech.net, of course
I'll definitely come check that out, shkaboinka! Congratulations on finishing it. You should consider making a short video showing it in action and showcasing the mechanism, as I'm sure people outside our community would be interested to see it (and of course mention where it can be found Wink ).
*1.7.2 bump*
Can you add me? I'm redstonepizza.
ordelore wrote:
*1.7.2 bump*
Thanks. Can someone take responsibility for roaming all around the worlds in 1.6.4 to make sure that the worlds are ready for 1.7.2?
Asian wrote:
Can you add me? I'm redstonepizza.
Do you understand and agree to the rules?
I can do that; I will be on for a bit today and will scan the world to make sure every bit is loaded to the edges. Does the nether need to be scanned as well? It doesn't seem like it as the changes are done to the overworld mainly.

Also, when we update to 1.7.2, do you have any plans at mind as far as generating new terrain? If it would be an expansion, how much could the map be expanded by so that we would be able to see at least some of the new biomes?
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