So you wanted to develop add-ins that communicated with another calculator, but only had one real Prizm to test?

So now you can have two Prizms, for 90 days, free of charge!
No, I'm not going to lend you my Prizm Smile
It's a matter of downloading the free 90 day trial of Casio fx-CG Manager Plus from Casio's website (or installing it from the CD that came with the calc). This software is, in fact, a full Prizm emulator.

Some remarks about the emulated calculator: the Link menu functions are all disabled with exception of the Capture mode setting. To exchange files with the virtual calc, go to the Memory menu and press F3 (this is something not visible on real calculators), then Import or Export.

On Windows, the calculator's serial port is emulated on COM1. If you connect a real Prizm to it (that is, if you have a Casio Serial->3pin cable like I have), you should be able to communicate with the emulated calculator... just not use the Link functions because those are disabled.

The serial-related syscalls work, however. You can use this to develop 2-player games or even the next calculator networking protocol! Smile

How to change from COM1 to COMx?
On C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\CASIO\fx-CG****\EmulatorData there's a file called CG10M.dlm which has the settings for the emulated Prizm.
There's a setting called _ComNum=1, change it to the number of COM port you want.

To run under Wine, you'll need to link COM1 to the ttyS port you wish. COM1 is linked to ttyS0, COM2 to ttyS1, etc. If you have an USB serial adapter, you'll need to link one port to ttyUSB0. Search the Internet on how to do it Wink
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