Well, it's already done Razz it's not implemented yet, but here is a screen of the VAT loader, which search for level packs through the VAT :

Update !

Gravity Walls 0.6 is out !

VAT loader implemented and fully working Very Happy more some adds I forgot Razz

Also, it's now a stable version ; the physics of the previous ones were a bit bugged and it could cause RAM loss, now it's fixed Wink

Gravity Walls v0.6 → http://mattias.refeyton.fr/espace-ti/gravityWalls/gravityWalls0.6.zip

Nice job! It's nice that you got the VAT working properly, I've personally never gotten it to work Razz

Also you should try and see if some old Graviter levels work here Razz (leafy runs)
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