Wow, when I see all that big collections some people have....
That's just veeeery much.

My collection is very small and I don't plan on getting much more. I've only 1 calculator that I have, to use for school. But the programming stuff you can do for it is actually fun. This calculator flamed up my programming interests.
But the one I have is a:
TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition

I have some ancient calcs, like the casio fx-451.
@Oxiti8: That's a lot Calulcators!

I only have two:
A TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
A TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition

But counting the other people in RoccoLox Programs:
Three TI-84 Plus Silver Editions
One TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
One TI-84 Plus CE
One TI-83 Plus
One TI-83
One TI-86
I posted earlier about a new calculator I found, a Bohsei 140SS. I havenít been able to find a manual for it and Iím confused about one of the keyboard switches. Itís listed as Sigma (sum) which is either on or off. I tried everything I can think of as to how to use it, but nothing I tried is any different than using just the plain + key. Below is a link that shows a picture of the calculator. The Sigma switch is at the upper right just to the left of the On switch. Any suggestions on how the switch works when On is appreciated.
I was finally able to get all my calculators in one place again! Got a new TI-89 and added its details to my list of TI graphing calculators over on MyCalcs.

From left to right: TI-2550 | TI-89 | TI-84 Plus CE Rev pre-A | TI-84 Plus CE Rev M | TI-84 Plus CE Prototype (red) | HP Prime G2
I've been meaning to do this for a while but just got around to it today. Here's my current collection:

The block on the left is prototypes and marketing samples, on the right is various HW and rom versions along with some TI-nspire keypads and a few non-TI calcs.
In the boxes, there are 66 TI-82s, 10 TI-81s, 6 TI-80s and 20 TI-83 +'s from teacher sets in various conditions ranging from broken to brand new.
While putting them away, I noticed I forgot a small box, which contained some viewscreens. I didn't want to set everything up for a new picture so here are the contents of that box:

I've still got a handful of calcs in other locations but this is the bulk of it.
There's details about most of these on my MyCalcs profile.
I recently found a HP-28S which brings my total calculator count up to 5% of Womps Laughing

(left to right)
Top row: TI-84 Plus CE Rev Pre-A, TI-84 Plus CE Rev M, TI-84 Plus CE Marketing Sample, HP Prime G2.
Bottom row: TI-89 Rev F, TI-2550, HP 28S.
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