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Adriweb wrote:
mr womp womp wrote:
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Next I have my lovely white TI 84 Plus CE Rev M made in May 2019. It has the new, faster FLASH and boy is it much nicer than the old CE.

RIP IT OPEN! We need answers!
Seriously though, I want the chip numbers/datecodes.

I concur!
Hehe, looks like I don't have to, critor beat me to it!

I wasn't expecting to make another post so soon, but my grandpa just gave me his old TI-2550 and the original leather case! It's only a basic calculator, but it's in fantastic condition and it was one of the first to get full memory onto its chip! That's right, the calculator can store and recall an entire number! Of course it's just RAM so the moment you turn it off the data is lost, but hey it was pretty advanced for the 1970's! Speaking of dates, the date code on the back (324) means this calculator was made on the 32nd week of 1974 which falls between August 5th through the 11th.

This calculator runs on four AA batteries however, it also has a charging port that looks like a TI 83's I/O port. This means the calculator can utilize three AA NiCd batteries to become a rechargeable calculator!

Lastly, The slider on top allows you to switch between 2 decimal precision, 4 decimals, or float which shows 8 decimals on the the neat, red LED stick display. That's the information I found most interesting, if you'd like more details go to http://www.datamath.org/>basic calculators>▪TI-2550 line>TI-2550.

That brings my total collection to:
  • TI-2550
  • TI-84 Plus CE Denim (pre-A)
  • TI-84 Plus CE White (rev M)
  • HP Prime G2
If my dad can find his old HP calculator this list will continue to grow! Very Happy

Enough talk, here's some pictures! (click for full size)

My HP Prime G2, its slide case, and the micro-USB charging cable; The TI-2550, its leather zipper case, and the 2.5mm 2-pin charging cable; My TI-84 Plus CE; its slide case, and the mini-USB charging cable

Back view

Thickness, the TI-2550 is a chunky 4.5in thick but comes in at a reasonable 10 ounces (.625 pounds or 283.5 grams). You can also see the difference in charging ports from this angle.

Charging brick and cable. The brick is completely blank except for the one side.

Voyage 200
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
TI-84 Plus CE
TI-Nspire CX

Iím quite happy with my assortment now. Iíll be adding an 83 PCE EP soon, I hope. :p
Latest additions to my collection. TI-2550 III, KMC 100B, Kings Point KP-450, TI BA-III, Technico, Tevion SC-809. Normally I donít buy the off brand calculators, but they were only about a $1. The TI-2550 display flashed randomly when I first turned it on, but then stopped. I charged the battery fully, but no go anymore. The Kings Point works great and has a blue VFD. I like those kind. The Tevion has a lot of functions and the 2 middle ones are just simple calculators. That brings my collection to 184.

all i have so far is a TI-83 + although im looking to get a TI-84 + CE this christmas.
ever since i put games on my 83 + everyone at my school has suddenly forgotten their calculator and want to borrow mine.
and the main reason i want an 84 + CE is for the gameboy emulator and pokemon in math class.
Hereís 2 calculators I added to my collection. The TI 80, which I didnít have, came with a manual and the other off brand calculator I thought was interesting. Both of them work. The Child World calculator looks like itís never been used because thereís no scratches or marks on it. Thatís bring my collection to 191 calculators.

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