I need help setting up a gcn client so I can run internet related programs with my calculator. I have a ti84+SE and a direct USB.
I ran gcnclient.rar with an installed, functioning filter for my device and I still canít connect to a webpage.
Did you read the gCn readme?
Yes, I did. I support readme reading lol

Windows Installation:
(1) Plug in your calculator
(2) Install the filter driver:
(3) Send DCS7.2 Beta 1 to your calculator
(4) Run the gCnClient while your calculator is at the homescreen, then start your
Cn2.2 program. This will not be necessary in future versions.
Recommended Options:
$ gcnclient.exe -d d -n [IRCHub/oblithub/WebHub/etc] -l [MyLocalHubName]
I donít know what a Cn 2.2 program is, and I donít know what those recommended options are or what they do or how to set them.
Well, then if you don't try to figure it out or ask, you're probably not going to do too well. Wink Cn2.2 is short for CALCnet 2.2, the protocol for networking calculators. gCn or globalCALCnet is just an ancillary project, a way to transparently bridge CALCnet networks together over the internet. If one such network happens to be an emulated calculator (like the Gossamer and IRC and ticalc.org bridges) or are a single physical calculator (as in the DirectUSB calculators), it doesn't change the fact that gCn is supposed to be invisible. Anyway, you need to pop open a command prompt and try to figure out what the rest of that stuff means.
Well I will first ask, what do the options do and how do I open a command prompt and from which directory do you suggest? I never use command prompt. I donít know how to use it to figure it all out... but Iím guessing doors is the Cn2 program?
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