I'm guessing it's just a simple variable error. Hrm.
No investigation needed, stupid me forgot to include a 'clear' section for where the numbers go... <_<
Not too big of a problem, you can go back if you missed one because the problem only happens when you go past 10 move up in numbers.

I am guessing the prgmSYMBOLS program was done in ASM? if not, can I unlock it some how and edit it like you proposed in the first post? or did you already do that?

That prog is already set up like I posted before, the problem is in chargui... It is a very simple fix, one that I guess I can repost to ticalc once they get it posted up there...
right I see. Well I g2g bells about to ring. lol. I love my teacher, shes so blind! lol.

Dan - just tell me what to change; I'll do it and reupload.
Well, I believe:

If K:Output(#,#," " (3 spaces) (The # needs to reflect behind "G:"...)

Will fix the problem, but since I don't have that calc in front of me at this time, I don't know the exact code...
Ah, ok, I think I can figure it out. Smile
Sorry about that, I forgot my 84+ at home, and I only keep an 85 at work...
Very Happy ROFLMONGERS. Tsk, whata disgrace. Wink

The 85 I have works very well. Smile I even made a few progs with it to help at work... Smile
Oh yeah? Are they ticalc.org-uploadeable?
Not really, besides, who dls for the 85 now adays? The only calcs that seemed to be downloaded and developed for is the 83+ line and the 89 series... Won't stop me from workin with the others though... Very Happy

I wonder why the prog hasn't been uploaded yet? Mad They can be so frustrating...
ik, it's taking forever.
I was wondering, once it makes it on ticalc's archive list, I wanted to host a copy on my site. I am asking, cause the core of the program is yours, I just made it look 'pretty' Laughing
Sure, feel free to host it. Smile
Could you do me the favor of uploading it my site? ticalc is really really getting under my skin... Mad

Or you can upload to calcgames...
I'll upload it to your site. Yeah, they're really getting behind, and I can't find any changes in the archives. :/
Yeah, I looked as well, and couldn't find anything...

I greatly appreciate it! I want to look at the readme, to see what kind of changes were made, so I can start makin some better ones...
Absolutely, lemme go do it now.
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