Excellent. I think it came out well; now if ticalc.org would just be slightly less lazy... Smile
Well, they aren't being to lazy, they have started the whole organizing folders thing... Smile
True, have you kept up with the discussion in the now second-to-top news article?
Sorta, I know they are working on the Misc section now...
Yeah, and I was leading the discussion about how to organize the Games section.
Yeah, I saw that, and all the Why that and not this? replies... Razz
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Umm, Kerm made prgmSYMBOL, while I made the GUI to make it work better...

Thats what I ment.

I got it. Cant wait to get it on my calc, do you have any other programs like this Kerm? This is awsome.

I have a good number of programs for you to pick from...what would be like this? Smile
Something that kinda gives BASIC an ASM touch kinda. Like something that will help out BASIC like this program. Something that gives BASIC better possiblities. Got any? if not I'll settle for some games Razz .

Well, there is this certain 16x16 sprite routine he is working on, that is currently kicking his butt... Razz
Haha lol. Have fun with that Kerm.

I think I've narrowed it down to one of the more obscure TI-OS bugs...
lol, something probably not fixable either... Sad
swivelgames wrote:
something1990 wrote:
This program is great. Now anyone can program character like those in BASIC Bomberman into their programs. Great job Kerm!

Haha Laughing . For a second I thought he was giving credit to you(Kerm) for Ti freaks program. Haha. I still have not got those programs. I need a bunch of useful programs that I can put on a disk and transfer to my comp because I dont have net on my comp. And I need a reason to waiste a 700 Meg cd. I usually get alot of stuff and then transfer it. Some one just get tons of pointless progs and Pm'em to me. Laughing . Cant wait to see it. By the way does it work on the graph screen yet Kerm?


I gave Kerm credit because it was uploaded under his name in ticalc.org.
*sigh* Because I _made_ it, dude. And Dan made another piece to add to my original program.
*YAWN* this is funny sitting back and watching a problem that was resolved a few posts ago. I am quite enjoying myself right about now.

ROFL. Lemme change the topic. So, anyone tried out the new version yet? Smile
Yah looks awsome, it runs pretty well and works fine, I can use pretty much any character and it works. The only problem is:

Press < moves over correctly
Press > Freaks out and randomly changes numbers by 1's 10's 100's 300's

Its quite odd, so I usually have to just move to the left if i want it to work properly.

! Hmm, I shall investigate.
ok thanks Kerm.

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