This handy little 200 byte program allows BASIC programmers to use any of 131 symbols normally unavailable in BASIC within any program. Using BASIC only, it eliminates the danger of a crash due to unstable assembly code. Check out the readme to see some of the symbols this program makes available, then try it out to see the rest.

Well, someone might find this handier, though you will have to unlock prgm SYMBOL to do what I did...


needs to be changed to:


And then build the following prog:

Delvar GDelvar A
While G<131
If B=80:Then

This will allow you to see all the characters a little more easily, especially if you like the graphscreen text anyways... Smile Some of the characters do not render correctly though, which is why I am sure Kerm did not release the prog like that...

And in this manner, you can run the viewer prog, get the number to the character, and from the homescreen, store the number to G, run prgmSYMBOL and be able to recall Str4 inside the editor. Smile

I am curious as to how you were able to obtain all the characters... I tried within Graphlink, and most of them turned into ?... Confused

And if you would like, I can submit my changes to you Kerm...
I will use this program a lot when I start working ChemSuite 83+.
This program actually sounds pretty cool. Since I am on the School Comps I cant view TICALC.ORG because its under category of "Freeware And downloadable Software". I will check this out more once I am home (Proablably around 7hours from now Laughing ). I start at 8:55am and get out at 3:55pm. I'll post more once I am home.

Hmm, I just had a brilliant idea... Smile

But I wont tell you until I upload it to my site, so you can see what I am talking about... Very Happy That way you don't program it before I get a chance to... Razz
It works perfectly on my 83+...I'm not sure how many of them work on the graphscreen, though; I've only tested it completely on the homescreen.
Give me two minutes, uploading to my server now...

Check it out! Very Happy And tell me what you think of it...


If you want to upload this to ticalc, please put me as a sub-author or something... Smile

Personally, I like this GUI system a lil better... Smile
Fair enough. I shall do exactly that.
Yay! Laughing

Did you even look at the file...? Confused

Oh, and feel free to rename the zip file...
I opened it, spiffed up the readme a bit, did a tiny optimization to the files, and zipped it. I'm screenshotting and then uploading now.
ok. Smile

I never did have the ability to make a good screenhot... Sad

Might I ask what optimization you did? I thought it was as far as it could get... Confused
I had a single parenthesis on by mistake. Smile
In prgmSYMBOL? That was me... Sorry about that, it was kinda habitual... Smile

What did you think about the GUI part? If you press and hold an arrow key, it almost looks like greyscale... Smile
Yeah, I like it. Hopefully it gets into the archives soon.
This program is great. Now anyone can program character like those in BASIC Bomberman into their programs. Great job Kerm!
Smile Thank you. Hopefully the joint version goes in first.
something1990 wrote:
This program is great. Now anyone can program character like those in BASIC Bomberman into their programs. Great job Kerm!

I still have not got those programs. I need a bunch of useful programs that I can put on a disk and transfer to my comp because I dont have net on my comp. And I need a reason to waiste a 700 Meg cd. I usually get alot of stuff and then transfer it. Some one just get tons of pointless progs and Pm'em to me. Laughing . Cant wait to see it. By the way does it work on the graph screen yet Kerm?

Umm, Kerm made prgmSYMBOL, while I made the GUI to make it work better...

If you use the code above, you can see all the characters on the graphscreen...
I had included prgmCHARZ with my prgmSYMBOL to list all the characters, then just counted down the screen. TI-Freak made prgmCHARZ cooler. Smile
There is a program similar to this by Weregoose from UTI, his has a slightly cooler GUI, which shows 10 characters and scrolls left to right, but I was just going for something simple... Smile
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