Hi all !

As you probably know, I'm working on porting DoorsCS7 GUI API to Axe programming (see the topic here), and with the current progress, I had the idea to do a proof concept program Smile

So, here is PassWord, the first Axe program using the DCS7 GUI API !

You don't see it on the screenshot, but the screen turns off each time the GUI is drawn → when launching the prgm and when you type a wrong password ; it explains the delay when I run the prgm and when I close the alert.

I'll release the axiom when I had documented it (I'm discussing it with KermMartian).

If you have any question on how the program works, feel free to ask me Smile

Executable : http://mattias.refeyton.fr/espace-ti/AxeDCS/PASSWORD.8xp

The current password is 9001. You can't modify it yet because you can't compile the source without the axiom Sad
Out of curiosity, what is the "GUIEvent" token for? This seems like an excellent proof-of-concept; continued awesome job!
The GUIEvent func is in fact a simple "call ResetAppPage" Smile
matrefeytontias wrote:
The GUIEvent func is in fact a simple "call ResetAppPage" Smile
Ah, that's a clever way to do it, nice. Smile Are you planning on expanding or releasing this at all, perhaps with the password stored in an AppVar, or is it just a toy proof-of-concept for now?
It's just a toy, since the password can't be changed by another way than editing the source.
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