Taking from spenceboy I'm making a topic for all of my (many)prizm C questions so I dont keep opening up new topics every day for my most recent question

Too start how can I read all currently pressed keys on the prizm? is there any faster way then looping calls to the keydownlast function from the prizm wiki?

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me
Yup, In the "useful routines" topic, the is the PierrotLL's "KeyDown" routine, much better than the syscalls, and that don't switch to the Prizm's Menu
yeah the keydownlast function is PierottLL's KeyDown routine. I was just wondering if there was a faster way then looping over those values.

EDIT: and is there a syscall to find the keyboard register so if the OS changes it the program doesnt break? and does it only work for the KEY_PRGRM_* keys or all keys? If not all keys is there a way to check if the other keys have been pressed
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