Just posted this here cuz it seemed the best place.

First, ti emulator screenshots seem to almost always be in animated gif format. Is this the emulator software or is it screenshot software?

Secondly, ti emulator screenies seem to support graysacles. Would it be possible to have an fx9860 emu that does that?
Most emulators have built-in screenshotting abilities. You don't generally use an external piece of software to take screenshots, with the exception of VTI with CalcCapture back in the day. TI emulator screenshots tend to be in GIF format because it is good for animation, good for compressing static grayscale screenshots, and PNG wasn't available when the TI hobbyist community started proliferating on the internet. It would be relatively easy for an fx9860 emulator to support screen physics (momentum, acceleration, latency...) just like TI emulators.
Is anyone working on an fx9860 emu?

Also, the default emu by casio only supports still images in bmp form. That's why I asked about that.
I would assume that these days, a Prizm emulator would be a higher priority than making another fx9860 emulator, would you not? As far as I know, no one is working on an fx9860 emulator.
Oh. You are still making ti84 emulators though (jsTIfied)
fx9860 emu doesnt support grayscales

but to do a "animated gif" you can record the screen with fast stone capture.
To do some emulator with grayscale will be harder than Ti's because we don't have enough experience in Casio's SH3 as has the Ti's z80 (how many emulators, os, mods for the 8x?)

You can do some gray "screenshots" with something that PierrotLL did to make live capture within the program: www.planet-casio.com/Fr/logiciels/voir_un_logiciel_casio.php?logiciel=SDK_G85_-_GrayScreenshotLib_&showid=89
flyingfisch wrote:
Oh. You are still making ti84 emulators though (jsTIfied)
Aye, because there are still millions of TI-83+ and TI-84+ users out there, and despite all of TI's efforts, the vast majority of students and teachers are loath to throw away economic and academic investment in those calculators to switch to the TI-Nspire. I feel that the fx-9860, on the other hand, has a much smaller userbase, and that the Prizm offers big improvements, whereas the Nspire is essentially a step down in terms of complexity, useability, of course programmability, and even pedagogical value.
Is a prizm emulator being developed?
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