how's your archive coming?
Good, are you ready for what we were talking about in the emails?
yup. sounds good
You are now a temporary admin. To add files: go to the Admin CP, choose Archives Integrity, then select a program. Always select the 83+ version if there is an 83 and 83+ version. Also, if it has 83+ and 83, fill in the 83 directory and filename in the secondary dropdown/input box. You can get any missing info, eg title, description, screenies, etc from . For the author, simply enter the digit '2'. (That's my user_id). For screenshots, enter the five digit IDs separated by |s, like 26530|26531. Use the 83+ version for the screenshot numbers if there are 83+/83 versions. If screenshots aren't in there, just let me know and I'll upload it. I'll be working on the same thing; I'll start from the bottom, and you start from the top. Leave any program you're unsure about and I'll take care of it.
okay. Ill start as soon as possible
should I include download statistics?


I just found a bug.

I was adding DCS Pong, and realized I hadn't included the screeny. I went back and found the edit file button. I navigated through and found DCS Pong in the 83 Assembly Games folder, right where I put it. Then I clicked to edit it, and it brought me too Alouette. Exclamation I think something is wrong....
Oh yeah, I noticed that the other day, but I forgot to fix it. Thanks for reminding me.
do they all go to Alouette? lol

Also,. should I enter in the download number from
No, just leave it. That way when I add the numbers I wont end up with abnormally high numbers. Smile
so is the edit file bug fixed?
No, but I'll do that now.
awesome, so I should be able to work on this tonight
Almighty. I fixed the orphaned DCSpong but not the screenies for it.
I can handle the screenies Smile


Im still getting Alouette for every program in there.


when I was looking to see how many programs were acting p I got this :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/cemetech/public_html/programs/archives.php on line 176

Admininistrator Tools: [ Admin Panel | Edit This Page ]

Current Directory: TI-83+/TI-84+ Assembly Images

Download / Learn More Program Name and Description

/83plus/asm/media/ Parent Directory
That just means it's an empty dir. I didn't teach it how to handle empty bottom directories yet.
it is still wierd that Im getting Alouette....
Gah! The problem was a single = instead of a ==. Crying
Is it working for ya now? I'm going to try to get a couple entries done todayl.
sort says that both Alouette and Phoenix DE are missing...both are there.
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