The joystick support is a well supported branch of SDL. I'd honestly recommend it over using the individual OS support systems, since it would work across all of them identically.
Announcing (finally) the first beta version of TilEm 2.1!

The major changes since version 2.0 are:
- Audio support. Known to be broken with PulseAudio - see utz's comments here.
- External link cable support. Please note that under Windows you will need to install TILP in order to use external link cables. On other platforms, using the latest libti* from SVN is recommended for BlackLink/ParallelLink support.
- French translation added (thanks to contra-sh for all his work on this.)
There are lots of minor improvements and bug fixes as well.

Please test this version and let me know if you find any problems. I would particularly like to know how well audio and external link cables work on Windows.

Windows installer: tilem-2.1-beta-20130325.exe
Sources: tilem-2.1-beta-20130325.tar.bz2
- libti*: SVN r4490, tilp_patchset_20130322.tar.bz2
- SDL: 1.2.15
- libarchive: 3.0.4
- GTK+, etc.: see the tilem project site
Good Smile
Great, Floppus; thanks for sharing this with us! I heard rumors of TI-84+CSE support coming to TilEm eventually; can I guess from this list of major changes that that is not included in this release? Also, I'm always happy when an emulator adds audio support so that I can test out mobileTunes songs.
At least, the initial 84+CSE support was not committed to SVN yet.
Indeed, 84+CSE support is coming along, but some things are not fully working yet - which is part of why I wanted to release the current (fairly stable) version now. Smile
TilEm is looking really great now—I now have it on my flash drive for some things that Wabbit can't do yet. Just wish it came with a nice (fake) skin like Wabbit, but other than that I really like the interface.
So, for the adventurous folks out there, 84+CSE support can now be found in the Subversion repository. Like I said above, this is still somewhat experimental - if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces. The basics should be working, though.
Good to see this published Smile
On Fedora x64, I get an error on the final stage of compiling. It fails to have -lm specified when linking everything (pow@@GLIBC_2.2.5 used). Works fine if changed. (tarball on the download page)

Also, where are the keys listed at? I am looking for things like alpha, on, 2nd, stat, etc.
That's been fixed already (or it should be, if you try the beta version.) Thanks for reporting it, though. Smile

Key bindings: see the KEYS file. The actual definitions are in keybindings.ini, if you want to change them.
Hmm, I'm having a weird bug with v2.0. The following code isn't emulated correctly:

  ld bc,$E240
  ld hl,3
  ld ix,$C480
  add ix,ix
  adc hl,hl
  add ix,bc

Expected result: This should set the carry flag. It does on hardware, but does not in the emulator. I don't know if this is the minimal code to reproduce the bug, but it is sufficient.
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