For now, I'm looking for a place to do some very simple file hosting, where I can upload my projects, screenshots, etc. By "very simple" I mean I want something like this: where I can have a list of uploaded files and folders.
in reality, one of the easiest may be to use Opera's built in web server.
Dropbox, Mediafire,, any source control website...

The choices are endless.
I would recommend dropbox though, I find it easiest to use and it integrates with your computer for all sorts of fun.
What that web page is, Lincoln, is the HTTP front for a directory. As any directory without an index file displays the contents with in.

Basically, you can pay for a domain and hosting and just drag files into the root folder and it'll pop up like that so long as there isn't a index file for the browser to load.
Ah, ok. Makes sense. Although occasionally if there's no index file it comes up with a "Access Denied" page (or whatever it is). Is that just a permissions setting in Apache?
That's likely the directory permissions. Instead of 777 it may be 640. I have no solid idea how permissions work, but you can easily deny access to a directory with its permissions.
Quick primer on permissions!

 |  |  |__ Others (World)
 |  |_____ Group
 |________ User

Each bit is a 0 or 1. If it's a one, that particular permission is allowed; if 0, it's denied. For example, if it's 111000000 = 700, then the user can read, write, or execute the file, but the group and everyone else can do nothing. If it's 110110110 = 666, then everyone can read and write, and no one can execute. If it's 111100100 = 744, then the user can read, write, and execute, but group and world can only read.
It's not likely a file permissions issue - directory indexing is usually switched off by default. To switch it on, edit (or create) a text file named .htaccess containing the following line

Options +Indexes

and upload it into the directory you wish to enable indexing for. See the Apache documentation for more information.
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