I am a newbie and I am sorry for posting a rather stupid question, but i have looked around online and read the manual and couldn't find anything, so i figured I should just ask.

Is it possible to have apps (more specifically .8xk applications) show up in doors CS, or an extension that will allow it?

Thank You!

I MaRk I
Hello Mark! First off, have you introduced yourself in the intro thread? Although I am not aware of Doors having apps show up, but it shouldn't be too hard to add an extension. Just point the vat to app data. Actually I think Apps are not stored in the vat, hmm I might look it up, or try a few things. Nice meeting you. Hope you stick around.
Edit: Ah, okay. Appvars are stored in the VAT, not apps. Apps have there own data section.
I'm afraid that such an extension or feature does not exist, although I do think that there was a topic before discussing the possibility of creating such an SE >.>
You could pretty easily create placeholder programs that do nothing but launch apps.

The major problem with doing so is that app putaway will screw any plans you had for doing anything after exiting, since apps always exit with _JForceCmdNoChar, which ultimately returns to the home screen.

Thank you for your reply, and i just made an intro post. As much as i wish i could make an extension for it, I'm not that far into programming. The reason i wanted to do this was so that i can view the codeing for some of the apps to help me learn ti-basic as a whole. I was going to use Source Coder but the app in question is over the 100KB limit. And i have yet to find an offline version of SC that handles .8xk

I hope i stick around too, as that will mean that i am learning programming!

Thank you

I mark I
Actually, apps are not programmed in Basic, they are programmed in z80 ASM, which is a completely different and difficult language. The same goes for a majority of game for the calculators, such as ztetris or Gemini.

Asm programs are also not read the same as basic programs as they are assembled rather than interpreted. You would have to find the original source files published by the programmer if you wanted to see the code behind an app or any ASM program for that matter.
mark: Shock you won't learn anything off of the coding. All of it is compiled assembly (z80), or Axe code. Ti-basic is completly different. If you want to learn ti-basic. There are some good tutorials, and plenty of programs here and on ticalc.org to pull apart and look through.
OH!. I had originally thought that and then i got confused again from something online that told me different... Well, I guess that my thread was pointless and only proves that i know less than i thought Very Happy

Well, Thank you for clearing that up for me! As you can see I have a lot to learn.

Also, this place replies quickly! That would take days on other forums I've been to.

Thanks everybody.

Your welcome, glad to help.

And of course we reply quickly, we're cool and stuff Very Happy
Hehe no problem. Cemetech is a pretty fast community, there is usually people on 24-7. Also no need to write you name after every post :p Also.. make sure to check out sax, look on the left of the screen, come chat!
edit: oops you found it :p
I usually add my name out of habit, i'm a "windows tech" at another forum, so i usually post with some humor and some formality...
i mark i wrote:
I usually add my name out of habit, i'm a "windows tech" at another forum, so i usually post with some humor and some formality...

I like formality as well, but I just append my name in my signature. It's not as formal, but it still has the same affect.
Yes, if you want to run Apps from Doors CS, you need to create some ASM program that will launch the App or Apps for you. As Tari said, the App will only be able to return to the homescreen after being run, not Doors CS, because of the way the TI-OS works. If you need some TI-BASIC help, though, we have a lot of resources around here in which you might be interested. I'm finishing a full book on TI-BASIC that you might find interesting, you're welcome to post topic(s) with any questions you may have, and our administrator TI-Freak8x maintains a great index of tutorials covering various aspects on the language on his website.
I had this same problem too. I hate having to keep on exiting dcs to use mimas, then switching back to doors. Maybe Kerm could add app support in the next doors.(Also a special icon+support for Grammer programs would be cool)
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