I have an NXT game I wanted to share and also needed some help(ideas, sprites, etc) with.
It is about a square(That is the player) and it is bouncy. You try to get to the end of the level. The levels are pixel-perfect, and are stored as pictures. The game is in 4-level grayscale.
Also there are moving platforms (They move horizontally) and I have started working on enemies and there are environment objects (spikes, slime, lava, acid, or anything else) that kill the player. So the levels can just be drawn out in an image editing program, and then I do some stuff, and then they work!
Sorry the screenie looks like crap but it is the screen capture's fault because of the sometimes invisible player and the black splotches(When the environment looks darker or black sometimes).
Also this level was made by Turiqwalrus.
Hmm, that looks pretty cool! I didn't realize you could program the NXT's screen to do such complex things. What language do you program the NXT in? How much of this program was written by you?
Technically whole program was written by me.
But others (Runer, Xeda, and others) helped with the algorithm stuff, so I cannot take all the credit.

This was programmed in NXC (Not eXactly C).
Cool, that makes sense. Does the NXT come with the grayscale library, etc? Ah yes, back in high school I learned NQC or NXC (I could swear it was called Not Quite C / NQC).
Yes, NQC is for the older mindstorms, the RCX.
No, there is no grayscale library in NXC.
So any ideas/suggestions?
I'm now imagining having an NXT robot do all kinds of incredible tasks to make my work easier, and then taking a break to play a little game on its screen while the entire magnificent machine just sits there idle.
Just make sure you have plenty of spare batteries.
So do you guys have any ideas?
I'd love to see the robot you built to control the game. I had some fun with NXC this semester in my AI class (see the thread called "Archimedes the Exterminator"), but unfortunately our LCD was very poor quality and flickered a lot, so I wouldn't have been able to play your game. Do you have any plans to release the source code or upload it to the Cemetech archives?
Here's an idea, what if you twist this around, and program NXT to play an external video game, like on an NES?
So you want to see my actual NXT with a video camera?
I might post the game.. Smile
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