I've been looking through the nets for hours now, trying to find some nice lead synth and percussion samples that could be made into Impulse Tracker (.it) or eXtended Instrument (.xi) format. I mean, I've found some, but they're short little samples that I can't get to sound normal when I loop them, no matter how I splice them. I'm looking for some to get into Eurobeat composition, I want to make a Eurobeat version of Pinkie Pie's "Welcome Song". Could anyone point me to a good (FREE) kit of instruments that would fit my needs?

As for extra information, I'm using OpenMPT (Open Mod Plug Tracker) for my tracker tool, and I'm not completely new to digital music composition, I've done lots of chiptunes with OpenMPT/Famitracker now; I just need some other instruments.

I'd thought I'd ask here too since we apparently have some Eurobeat composers.
Yeah the issue with music production (especially electronic stuff) is that almost everyone providing tools for music producers like that expect you to make all the instruments yourselves via VST plugins (plenty of which are not free) and VST plugins that lets you use WAV samples are almost impossible to find or do not work. As a result, it's very hard to find actual WAV samples anywhere and it's even harder with less common genres such as eurobeat. I myself tried searching for eurobeat samples before, in vain.
Thanks for your input, you were one of the people I was actually targeting this question at Wink I have discovered that the synthesizer I have at home has some nice instrumental synth sounds on it, I'm wondering if I can start with some of those and possibly go from there, editing them as needed.

As for VST Plugins you speak of, I had no idea that composers were to make their own -- I think I'll be able to do this, but it doesn't sound particularly easy. I should probably start looking for a decent VST plugin pronto!

EDIT: I found a site repository of VSTi plugins, and OpenMPT seems quite capable of supporting them; I'll play around with them and hopefully tell my solution later Smile
Actually I meant for example in Magix Music Maker 14, there was that VST plugin called Revolta where you just turned buttons and moved sliders around, to change the sound of an instrument. There were usually some pre-sets too, from where you could change stuff as well. Unfortunately most of those are not free. Necro on Omni had posted a bunch of free ones, once, but I do not recall any that could produce, for example, the hard synth you hear in most recent eurobeat that usually goes pretty fast.

Just keep in mind that using a lot of VSTi's takes a lot of computer resources.

I really need to download LMMS and give some VST plugins a try again, to see if I can produce the same sound. MTVMG eurobeat-making practically requires combining multiple samples together to produce the right sound, which is annoying and fills the studio channels pretty quick.
Ashbad wrote:

EDIT: I found a site repository of VSTi plugins, and OpenMPT seems quite capable of supporting them; I'll play around with them and hopefully tell my solution later Smile

Ashbad, what was the site?
Forgot, lost interest with this endeavor soon after starting.
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