something1990 wrote:
@TiFreak I dont think you get what I'm trying to say here. Wesplit up the project and give certain people assignments. One can do greyscale, another linking, etc. It's like when you feed a baby; a baby doesn't have the time or patience to keep chewing on big pieces, so that's why you break it down to little bite size pieces, thus making it easier on the baby. I'm not calling anyone a baby, but giving people "little bite sized" assignments that they could handle with their free time is a good idea.

Oh, I get what you are saying. Kuro is correct, it would have to be extremely small sections. I already have planned on going through the entire list of commands, and building an index with explanations and code examples, once I get the other two or three done.

While it is a cool idea, I think it would also might be better to do this:

I am already making an extensive database of BASIC tutorials, I think it would be cool if Kerm could post them on his site as well, using his css and what not. It would be kind of... dumb (might not be the right word here) to start up this, when it is already in progress. I could be wrong though, I have been before.

And no, this is not some way to say TI-Freakware is better, but it would be better to add to what is already a growing list.

I won't be mad if anyone disagrees, just my $0.02...
I'd love to make a tutorials section here, but I was afraid you would think I was infringing on your awesome idea. Smile
Not really, just means competition. Razz Laughing

You really do need to post the html version of your btutor...
ik, ik. Alright, I guess I will make a tutorials section.
A tutorials section does seem like it would be easier. It would be a good idea to make on, and go to all popular calc sites and ask them to put up links to tutorial section and/or whole site. it might help some with traffic. SmileO
Well, people from calcgames and omnimaga post my tutorials when someone asks a question related to "How do I program the calc?"
I sense a tutorial competition in the works...
Uh oh. A competition being discussed in the rants section. This could get ugly... I wonder what the prize would be for said competition Question
Nah, I don't think Kerm has completely gotten over his need to keep Cemetech for Cemetech only stuff... Razz

And anyways, he has a ton of projects in line before he could really get into addin a lot of tutorials... I can attest, it takes alot of time to do if you want it to look right...

Besides, I can't force someone to come to my site, they come because they search for something and the search engine shows them that I have what they want. Smile Granted, the site still needs more content, but it is growing...
You're very right about that, I'd probably only host my own stuff for the present time. Smile
You still have to zip file that contained the newer btutor, right? I think I forgot to add the folder for one of the images, so it doesn't come up... Crying
Yup, I got it. I think I'll upload it here somewhere....
Did you manage to fix the problem with it showing images from the unzipped folder?
OK, got everything all fixed up. I might do some stuff with CSS and the images, too.
Looks good. I am glad you are still using the images.

Missing/messed up pics:

Circles, Hoirzontals, and verticals

Under Editing programs, stupid me forgot to add the imkm/...

"Creating programs":

change nexcalc to newcalc.gif...

I am so sorry for missing all these...

Displaying Text at a specific location:

change scrdim.gif to scrndim.gif

Under review 2... *Curses self...*
Second set of images: change revd2b.gif to rev2db.gif... (I just checked, I forgot to include it in the blasted folder, hopefully it is still on my laptop...

And I don't think the image for circle1.gif is in the folder, try downloading and putting it in the imkm folder:

I only screwed up 8 pics, out of 50... hehehe...

(There. after posting it in the wrong bloody topic... )
Don't worry about it...I make these mistakes with HTML all the time. Smile
That makes me feel a little better... Though that page has been available for a few months, and no one said anything...
I think it actually looks pretty 1337 - I especially like the TOC appearance.
Thanks. It was quite the project. Smile

The pic for the char fonts was the biggest pain to fix... lol THAT much I remember... Very Happy
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