Catherine and I are both part of chapters for TSA! We just thought that we'd write up a general topic for it here on Cemetech!

Here's a quick list of notable people and their accomplishments:

Tennessee TSA 2011
3rd in Video Game Design

Washington TSA 2012:
Kaslai (Andrew Story):
1st in Video Game Design
2nd in Technical Sketching and Application
No plans on Nationals

Tennessee TSA 2012
I recently returned from the Washington state TSA conference, and I'm very pleased with the results.

There were 23 high school chapters in all at the event. I just went through the results to find that my school, North Kitsap High School, placed first in 6 of the 31 high school events, which is the best in state, tied only with Stanwood High School. However, our chapter was only 12 men strong, versus their 34!

The events we placed first in were:
Architectural Model - 1st
Digital Video Production - 1st
On Demand Video - 1st - 4th
Prepared Presentation - 1st
Technical Sketching and Application - 1st - 2nd
Video Game Design - 1st - 2nd

I personally got first in Video Game Design, second in Tech Sketching, fourth in On-Demand, and fifth in CAD 3D. I didn't do so well in Extemporaneous Speech, Problem Solving or Tech Bowl.

I'll get the CAD model and some renders for you tomorrow, hopefully.

The video game that won in the exact form presented to the judges (34 MB):
With compressed wavs (2MB):
...I'm going to write/find a simple lossy codec for next year so that I don't have to use wavs, and I don't have to use more than one DLL. I just figured that I had 4.7 GB (DVD) to fill, so an extra 30 MB would make little difference.

My friends video game that lost by two points to mine, and got second place:

I thought that it was hilarious that I placed second in Tech Sketching... I've never done it before; the only knowledge of it that I had was with what little I got from CAD, as well as the quick crash course we took on the ferry ride there. Hehehe...

With the consent of my friends, I could get you their submissions tomorrow or so.

I'm really happy about the outcome, and I cannot wait until next year!
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