Here is an ever-growing list of the programs that I am currently working on. If anyone has any suggestions, just let me know and I will add it to the list!
1:AREA-Finds area of every shape that is on the formula sheet. area and surface area. total and lateral surface area.\\uploaded
2:HEAT-can find heat gained/lost, mass of sample, specific heat, and change in temp.\\uploaded
3:QUADFORM-quadratic formula\\needs work, please see
4:EXPANDER-binomial expander can go up to 7th degree\\needs work, if you can help, feel free!
5:FOIL-can do binomials and binomials, binomials and trinomials, and trinomials and trinomials\\uploaded
6:STD2VERT-goes from standard form of quadratic to vertex form and vice versa\\not started yet...if you can help, go for it
7:SYNTHDIV-synthetic division of polynomials. can handle up to x^7\\uploaded

Today in class, my teacher said that it was impossible to go from standard form of a quadratic to vertex form on a calc...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
Can you explain vertex form? I'm not familiar with that terminology. I see a bunch of programs listed there that you say need optimization/efficiency help, so don't hesitate to throw some of the code at us for suggestions and critiquing.
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