A friend from school and I are working on a role-playing game. Both of us are pretty heavily interested in going into the game programming industry as careers, so basically in an effort to get as much of a head start as possible in the indie game industry, we're making games!

Anyways. This is our first project, an unnamed RPG for PC. I'm doing all the programming, in C/C++ and SDL, and my friend's doing level design, art and music. We just barely started doing actual work, and as such don't have a playable demo right now. For the most part, we're planning everything out, in-depth storyline, etc.

The way I'm doing the programming is slightly backwards - I'm getting the menu screen, notepad, inventory, map, and save screen out of the way before I get to work on the meat and potatoes, the tiling engine, etc.

So using Visual C++, the GIMP and my mad skillz (not) I wrote the in-game menu, like when you press escape, the game grays out and this pop-up appears:


Haha this is about all I have to show so far. Well, I take it back - I've actually completed the notes-taking page too, so as soon as I write the Inventory and the View Map deal I can get to work on the actual game.

As I mentioned above, so far we don't actually have a name for the game yet, but we came up with a name for the main character, Zak Leroi. Also, we're trying to come up with a name for our company, so if you have any ideas, let me know Very Happy
OK, I've been working on the notes page, making it look better, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out:

My friend, who's been working on this game with me, and I formed a company - we are now known as DD Gaming (Dual Dependent Gaming) and I'd love for all of you visit our equally new blog - http://play-dd-games.blogspot.com/ for game updates and the like. However I will probably cross-post almost everything I post on the blog on here.
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