I am looking to buy a graphics/drawing tablet. any thoughts on these two?

wacom bamboo connect

Genius G-Pen

Open to any suggestions really. Yhose are the only two I have found that I like tho and are in my crappy budget of not much more than 100$
I'd have to place a vote for Wacom. I had one of their earlier Bamboo tablets and loved it. It was USB and the pen didn't require batteries, despite it having buttons and stuff. I was also able to flip it around and photoshop recognized the other end as an eraser. It was pretty neat.

I can't speak for the Genius brand but I helped a friend pick out a graphics tablet and she choose a fairly generic-brand tablet and has been greatly satisfied with it. Though I'd spend the extra 10 bucks and pick the Wacom.
well I probably should have mentioned the reason i'm looking at the genius is its double the drawing area of the wacom for 10$ less. and I can live with the battery in the pen...I'm buying rechargeable for other things soon anyway >.> <.<
Oh, I didn't even notice that. That extra room is quite handy. My Wacom was only a 5x4" active area. Which was pitiful. I also don't know if the Genius requires batteries for the pen, as it doesn't say anything about batteries.
the genius does sadly. only 1 triple a tho so not that bad.
and yeah that is my fear with the wacom. do not like the small area :/
I love my Bamboo Craft tablet, and while the space is really small, I can't say that I've had an issue with it. Mostly, my issue is actually getting used to the whole "When I put my pen down, I don't see where I've drawn _on_ the tablet." In fact, I still haven't gotten used to it, so I haven't been able to make much of anything. That said, I also liked how I was able to, at one time (I haven't tried since I upgraded), get it to work under Linux. I haven't researched anything about the Genius, so I don't know how well it works cross-platform.
I know for a fact the Wacom supports a light-contact mouse mode. Where you can drag the stylus around lightly to move the mouse/brush before pressing more firmly to paint. I think the stylus in mine worked with magnets because I was able to do the same thing by hovering over the tablet with the stylus as well as rest the stylus on the tablet and move the pen around.
Indeed, it does that. But even still, it's hard to get over the fact that the mark isn't underneath my pen (it's on the screen).
see I'm not that worried about that feeling. I'm used to drawing and writing with my eyes closed for school and such. so that should be easy to adapt to. and after poking a few people i know someone says they have it and love it so ill probably get the genius
so I got my tablet today Very Happy

I;m happy i went with this one I like the size
Looks great, geekboy! You should test out GIMP and/or Photoshop with it; both of them understand pressure-sensitive input devices like tablets and digitizers.
I have been actually. Just found my copy of photochop. So I am giving it a go as we speak Very Happy

messed with it a bit already tho. Only issue I find is it takes a bit of mucking with the calibration settings to get it where you want pressure wise. other than that its great so far Very Happy
Its odd that the Wacom one requires batteries in the pen, part of the whole deal with Wacom's was the batteryless pens. That was also part of the reason they used to be so thick and the Wacom tablet laptops were so thick is the tech the used to power and talk to the batteryless pens. but maybe I'm just crazy.
actually the wacom one I linked does not need batteries. this is the genius one which does.
I feel compelled to point out you could've bought the uDraw tablet for the PS3 for far less and used it on a PC:


Although I'm sure it wouldn't have given you the precision you'd want/expect.
I remember you linking that on irc one day. and no it would not have the accuracy i wanted. but it is an awesome project ^^
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