Hello, I just ordered a TI Nspire with Touchpad.
I got this model because its the same one my friend has and I thought it was pretty good. I understand that you can remove the keypad and replace it with a 84 keypad.

According to my friend, whenever he tries to transfer 84 games to his Nspire with the 84 keypad on, it crashes.

Does this mean that I will not be able to put 84 programs on my Nspire?



Ps. My Nspire will arrive in about a week. I have never had a TI before and saw this one on sale on amazon for 60 dollars and thought it was a good deal. I've always used my casio before.
What shell does he use on his Nspire, and what games is he trying to load? Some assembly games written for the TI-84 Plus crash on the Nspire's TI-84 Plus emulator because they include so-called "undocumented" instructions. You should be able to put TI-84 Plus games on your Nspire, as long as you have a TI-84 Plus keypad.
It really depends on what kind of programs he was trying to get posted to his calculator. The 84+ emulation on the Nspire wasn't the greatest, and certain programs caused it to become unstable.

Once you get your calculator, let us know with any questions you have specific to what you are doing, and we'll do our absolute best to help you!
oh I see.
Thanks for the help.
and another question.
Could an 84 transfer games to my nspire and then run them?
Your Nspire will only be able to deal with 84+ games if it has the 84+ keypad installed. Otherwise, the 2 calculators will not talk to eachother.
I guess you can close the thread now.
Now I wish I didn't choose the free shipping.... Very Happy
Haha, nah, we don't typically close threads unless they become so far off topic that they need to be.

Besides, you can continue to use this thread once you have your calculator in hand and have more questions about it. Smile
out of curiosity, what processor does the nspire have?
And do you know what speed its clocking at?

Everything you ever wanted to know and more.
could i update the 84 OS if needed?
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