DShiznit wrote:
I've been having some interesting pony RPs recently, although I cannot discuss them here without violating cemetech's TOS. Razz

Interesting... anyways, I've been upset for the past few days that no one signed up for my RP, but now I've gotten 4/6 of the slots filled for sure, so it's almost time for game on! It'd be cool if a brony (or two!) here joined in, [nerdtalk_but_take_me_seriously] but keep in mind Roleplaying is serious business and requires you to write a lot, take the game and DM's rules seriously, and active, so unless you can be patient and write a few paragraphs of detailed roleplay material a few times a day, it's not cut out for you. [/nerdtalk_but_take_me_seriously]
April Fool's from hotdiggedydemon: new PONY.MOV movie. It involves techdecks. That is so sick.


This will be excellent.

EDIT: Who do you think's coming back to life, Rainbow Dash, Applebloom, or Derpy?

EDIT2: This song from splicing the audio of the gay water dragon in episode 2 is funny as hell.

Seems we have some Pinkie Pies on.. our monitor. YEEEEAAAAAHH
I've seen that one. Haha!
Spenceboy98 wrote:
Me and my friend like this song:

Me and my friend, Pasta, decided to make a cover of this song. WARNING! THIS COVER IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SERIOUS. WE WANTED TO MAKE A FUNNY ONE(That's why it says Krazy Kovers). Don't just watch the beginning and quit. Watch the whole thing through please. Here it is:

Very interesting Razz I'm personally trying to figure out a bassline to fit some of Eurobeat Brony's songs, so I can do a cover of one, with vocals. I'll probably be doing the Eurobeat version of Cupcakes:

More lax than that, and obviously slower lyrics, but I'll definitely have to play around with it.
Did you like the end? I love it. Very Happy It was my idea. Also, I hope you make a cover. I wan't to hear what your voice sounds like. Smile
Yesterday's episode, #24 of season 2, was really one of the best ones yet. Very cheesy, funny spoof of an Agatha Christie novel Razz I saw it soon after it aired, with 30 fellow bronies at the MLPforums synchtube channel. Best Saturday ever. If you haven't seen that episode yet, watch it, it was absolutely above my high expectations of quality.

MAGIC.MOV is out. This one, like the others, is also rather NSFW, so I'll only throw a link for you to watch if you want a pretty good laugh (I think this is the best PONY.MOV one yet):

I have to share with you this parody made recently by a great french video-games tester inspired by the AVGN :

I made a GIF of my pony:

5 of my friends became bronies today after seeing MAGIC.MOV, and getting curious. I was surprised they actually liked the show -- they didn't seem the type at all. As they put it, it's a pretty "swag-filled show".

Someone on MLPForums did this awesome remix of both Discord's song and the original pokemon theme, just had to share it. So much win.

Anyone seen the Royal wedding yet? I was going to watch it with the MLPForums synchtube party, but I got wrapped up in some debate threads. I'm watching it later today; I heard it was excellent. Any non-spoiling input?
It was pretty good indeed. Loved the episode, tons of drama/action/weird stuff.
A friend of mine sent me this:

I figured you guys would appreciate it for the bubble wrap more than anything else. I could go to town on a roll of that stuff...
Haha, that's great. That explains Derpy's cutie mark alright.
It would actually make a ton of sense if she invented the stuff. Her job is to deliver packages after all...
DShiznit wrote:
It would actually make a ton of sense if she invented the stuff. Her job is to deliver packages after all...

It would, actually, that's a great point. As for my funny pony picture o the day, In the new episode, Pinkie uses Twilight as a Magic Gun, and her tail as the trigger. Since when was magic conjurerable through tail movements? I want a tail for that.

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