Been working on a fourscale puzzle platformer in Axe recently:

Edit: It's worth noting this is an old screenie, and the animation that occurs when you toggle land has been changed, and sped up.
Seems exciting! If it were me, I'd keep the scrolling. Larger puzzles are nicer a lot of the time Very Happy
Eh, to keep it I had to sacrifice perfect looking fourscale or speed...
I don't know what fourscale is, but this looks really neat. Do you have any more updated screenshots or a demo or anything?
fourscale = four level gray Wink
And yeah, it looks great.
Looks like a cool concept; I hope you go great places with it. Is it my imagination, or is the player a Companion Cube? Also, you say it's a puzzle platformer; can you tell us more about the puzzles?
Well, this really sucks and I hate to say this, but my backpack is either lost or stolen - I lost it just the other day, and there have been reports of people setting down their backpacks and them getting taken, sorted through for valuables, and only occasionally returned...And turns out my calculator, with all the source and data for this project was in my backpack. Unless I can find my backpack, or a moderately recent backup on my computer, this won't get finished for a loooong time Sad
Holy cats, dude, that's terrible, I hope you're able to find all your stuff!
Oh man, that's horrible, sorry to hear it. Sad There are some very unethical people out there, sadly; I hope you get your stuff back more or less intact.
Lets go take them down!!! >Smile
the smiley is broken.
oh yeah lol Razz
I found my backpack! Very Happy Now, to get a working demo and a more fully detailed explanation of the game mechanics...
buttsfredkin wrote:
I found my backpack! Very Happy Now, to get a working demo and a more fully detailed explanation of the game mechanics...
Congratulations! And everything was still inside? That's great to hear; I hope you'll follow good sense and keep more frequent backups now. Wink
Haha yeah learned my lesson, and also yeah, everything was inside.
buttsfredkin wrote:
Haha yeah learned my lesson, and also yeah, everything was inside.
Great! So how's everything going on this since you got your calculator back? Any new developments or exciting gameplay ideas?
Progress on this has been coming along pretty well - I'm planning on having 20 levels; my main focus right now is adding the in-game storyline, level design, and level-specific nifty little features (kind of TBA).

Feature list! In terms of tiles:
Destroyable (Same type as placeable)
Horizontal/Vertical Speed
Bounce OR Velocity-Translation (at high speeds)

And since I'm using Zedd, I can add other objects that make it harder/easier/whatever to get to the flag at the end of each level. Each object acts under the same physics and everything as the main character - bounce on bouncy tiles, accelerate on speed tiles, etc.

Anyways, expect an update in the next couple of weeks or so. Very Happy
Aaaaaaand we're beta!

I kinda zipped through the between-game text, just download it if you want to read it Very Happy So far, there are 17 levels, and the final game will have 20, so I'm really close to a final release. I just need to design a splash screen and the last three levels, wrapping up the story and whatnot.

Download link:
Rather impressive. Rather seemingly flickerless for such a type of platformer. The only qualm I can see from this screenshot is that the controls/objectives don't seem to be explained at all when you're playing; I think adding that would add another layer of coolness to it. But if you decide not to, it's pretty minor and it's fine without.
Thanks! That wouldn't be too hard to add, methinks, I'll see if I can do that.
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