Maybe email Casio what their plans are for the RTC (not _if_, but what. They provide RTC access, so they must have some purpose for it)?

We can try to mod the OS since we know how to upload a new OS to the Prizm and where the checksums are located at and how to regenerate them. I don't want to do any modding myself, however.
gbl08ma wrote:

(BTW: did you know fx-CG Manager Plus has a config function to automatically set the emulated calc's RTC to the system RTC? Perhaps Casio really planned to do something important with it!)

Or no, in fx9860 emu also do the same Smile
I think my proposal for the event storage file format would work well, if it weren't for the fact Bfile_CreateFile needs to know the file size before creating it, and the file size cannot be dynamically changed afterwards. This way, I can't seem to have fields with "unlimited"/unknown length...
Also, I had some trouble putting sprintf to work, and in the end, it seems it still doesn't work very well...
It would be cool if you could do something like this for an analog clock:
gbl08ma wrote:
Also, I had some trouble putting sprintf to work, and in the end, it seems it still doesn't work very well...
Which formatting features did you have trouble with? Keep in mind that some of them remain un-implemented. For example, instead of %x, use %p.
I was only using %u and %s IIRC.
gbl08ma wrote:
I was only using %u and %s IIRC.
Did you perhaps experience the same bug that I ran across, where the first stack item is used for everything? For example, vsprintf("%d %d %d",1,2,3) produced "1 1 1" for me, and vsprintf("%s %p","a",0x1) produced "a 0x81A48901". At any rate, AHelper ported over the vsprintf system from uclib, and will be getting that into libfxcg shortly.
It may have been that bug and also my lack of experience in using printf and friends. Anyway, my itoa/strtok approach works well, and the only relevant problem in the events storage system I've coded so far is the alignment problem in event saving to main memory, described on some "fix my code" thread on the Prizm subforum.
Thanks for this add-in, Ahelper. Smile It helped me to calibrate and track down some issues with LuaZM's zmg.time() function.
I'd like to... umm... borrow the calendar code for my add-in, but the one in the source of the last published Clock add-in has that bug about overlapping days on the first week of some months, and since IIRC you said you fixed that bug, could we have the updated version, please?

(also - could you share how to get bold text out of PrintMiniMini - I can't seem to get the bit mode thing right)
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