Within this circuit, for sake of out of stock non polarized capacitors, Is it okay to substitute C5 with a polarized CAP since it is only leading to ground?

Derp on my part. I couldn't find one under 100nF but I did find one for .1uF.. same value. Hehe sorry guys. Smile
Yes, it looks like you can use a polarized capacitor for C5 because ground is always at lower potential than the other side, but keep in mind the tolerance and charge/discharge rate of the capacitor. IIRC, electrolytic capacitors have a larger tolerance in capacitance and slower charge/discharge rate than other types like mylar capacitors. That may or may not matter in this circuit.
Oh I understand. I was lucky enough tough;
I couldn't find any ceramic disc 100nF Caps.. but I found .1uF ceramic disc Caps.. Same value just different label lol Smile
The other thing to watch out for is that polarized electrolytic caps need to be debated for use. If you have 12volts across one, then you probably want to use a 25 volt rated part.
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