Ok, what I want to do is make an addin exit to menu, and when i press menu again, restart the addin?

All my attempts have simply frozen the calc. :-\
What do your attempts look like? If you use the following, [MENU] twice will leave and re-enter your add-in, but you can't easily tell that your add-in has been left:

Edit: I do wonder what kcol and krow and key look like afterwards, though, and if you can use that to detect that MENU was handled.
well, mine ususally look something like this:


while (!done) {
   key = PRGM_GetKey
   switch (key) {
      case KEY_PRGM_MENU:
      done = 1;
return 1

//stuff to do after re-entry to addin

But i guess my real question is, how do you get the addin to exit to menu? Is there a syscall?
No, there's no known syscall, and exiting isn't the right solution either. You need to let one of the getkey system calls handle it, hence my suggestion.
why not do:


int main() {
if (key==menu) {

void exitToMenu() {

That would do a blocking GetKey which would allow turning off the calc, or exiting to menu, right?
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