I made a quick game for prizm today in BASIC, following the guidelines of this contest, but I didn't enter because I live in the USA.

Anyway, here it is! (More refined -- and larger in file size -- version coming soon!)

Just post something on the topic!
You could be the only one!
I posted there Wink


More refined -- and larger -- version:


This is unfortunately not directly about the entry, but Planet Casio got their contest sponsored by Casio? That's pretty cool.
I did Bull Wrangler for that contest, but I realized that I don't live in the EU.
even I don't live in EU, I'll still gonna try XD
I already posted it here, so I don't think that I can enter it now.
Of course you can enter it, if you did your game only since the begining of the contest.

It doesn't matter that you already posted it on Cemetech.

So enter it on Planete-Casio, you can describe it in English.
The deadline is in 7 hours.
Man, I feel like ditching my book work and trying to throw together a program in 5 hours. Hmmm...
I don't have to have it in French too?
Noo, I read English, but hurry, 4h left!
Do I upload it under "File 1"?
Yes, please
I clicked and it said something in French about the Description. Maybe I have to have it in French...... Okay. I uploaded!
Bad Quality Pics:
Thank you guys, with you we have 9 entries, for a programming competition on 48h, it's exceptional.
Your games were linked on the official topic of this second 48h CPC.
Results will be given in 1 or 2 weeks max.

@KermMartian : Yes, we are in contact with Casio France and they offer us some calcs as awards when we organize a competition. This summer 10 of our members have won a Prizm this way, thanks Casio Wink
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