A few months ago, earthnite, Michael2_3B, and I were discussing the 3x3px font used in TI-FLOW BW when we noticed that changing one pixel could make TI-FLOW look like TI-PLOW. After completing TI-FLOW, we decided to change that pixel - and we ended up with a completely different original game: TI-PLOW. In TI-PLOW, you must plow all of the snow without going off of the snow-covered path. If you plow into an area where you cannot get to the remaining snow without driving over empty or already plowed spaces, you must restart the level. In order to complete a level perfectly, you must plow all of the snow in under the assigned amount of time.

We have tried to make the layout of TI-PLOW as near to that of TI-FLOW as possible, which allowed us to reuse several of the components with only minor modifications. TI-PLOW features 100 hand-made levels for your enjoyment, progress saving, a completely new compression scheme, and is entirely self-contained in the TIPLOW program. TI-PLOW will be released shortly after the winter solstice.

Hah! This sounds like something I would think up! Can't wait to play it Smile

This reminds me of the inside joke "Flippy Bard", which was Flappy Bird CSE made into a game where you are the bust of Shakespeare, and you must go past the pipes without breaking the bust, lest he insult you.
TI-PLOW has been uploaded to the Cemetech and ticalc.org archives., but is currently pending acceptance.

UPDATE: TI-PLOW is now available at ticalc.org http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/466/46623.html
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