elfprince13 wrote:
Spenceboy - you'll need to provide a little more information that that. I assume you're not using JavaScript for a Prizm-based project.

Oh, sorry. No, I used C.

Here are pastebins of my code:
hi Spenceboy, i think i had a similar error some time ago when i was creating an add-in with lots of constants and sprites and the rest of the code was a few thousands of lines. In my case i managed to replace many of the sprites with bitmaps already in the ram and shortening some of the constants addresses by making them incremental by using relative offsets relative to each other rather than absolute addresses (not sure if i needed it now but I believe many addresses in an array where causing me problems and now it is also more mathematical anyway). Anyway this freed so much space that I could keep on developing the code and also the add in actual g3a file size is much smaller making it quicker to copy to the calculator so I can do debugging much faster. If your project has many sprites maybe using colour palettes could reduce the size of your add-in - i had mixed results with this but generally I think it was helping. Maybe you could split your addin to have large sprites or other data to be read from separate files on the fly if possible. I hope it helps and keep us posted please
Hi Spenceboy, was the above of any help? Out of interest when you started this project did you manage to compile any of the versions successfully before starting to receive your error massage? In my case the g3a file size kept growing until it reached a maximum it couldn't go beyond compiling successfully
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