I need the help of someone with two Prizms to test some software I'm developing. The only requirements are the two Prizms in working condition (of course), a 3-pin link cable to connect them, and the willingness to run experimental code on one of them. Note that this is not any kind of dangerous code, it's just to test the file transfer syscalls and procedure.

Please reply or PM me if you're available.

(I tried to fulfill my needs by using the emulator; I managed to get two emulators running simultaneously using different Wine environments, but it appears that while the serial emulation supports sending, it doesn't support receiving. Or it is incompatible with the virtual serial port setup I'm using. Anyway, I don't know how to solve it, and it's even possible the code responsible for receiving data is disabled on the OS that runs on the emulator)
I have access to two now - one on OS ver 2.0 and another on 1.03 and would like to keep them working on those versions - so let me know if you still need a tester and if your code is safe with the above mentioned OS versions. Regards, AmazoNKA
Oops, I forgot to mention here that the need has been fulfilled a long time ago (by ProgrammerNerd to be exact), who borrowed a Prizm. The idea was to test some experimental file sending code that I was developing for Utilities, but during our testing on real hardware we saw totally unexpected outcomes*, and fearing hardware damage (especially critical since one of the calculators was borrowed), we decided to stop testing and the code has been discontinued.

* "unexpected outcomes" is probably not the best way to put it... let's say instead that "strange things happened". Making things worse, the "strangeness" extended to the calculator receiving files, despite it not running any custom code, just the OS file receiving function. Finally, we became three times as worried because we both thought the code would not be dangerous, as I explained on the first post.

So, thanks for your availability but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the point of view) the need no longer exists.
I will say if I get my prizm to a repairable state I will gladly put as much effort into testing specialty code as needed
While having two calculators connected I was surprised to see that using the built in Link app from the main menu I could send files to the connected calculator main and storage memory without having to press any buttons on the receiving calculator - it kind of makes sence because saves key presses and so on but normally I would expect more confirms on both sides not just the transmitting one. Not sure how it works when using same version OS on both calculators or each particular OS as I only have one with OS 2.00 and another borrowed one OS version 1.30...

So extended strangeness you saw may be default behavior perhaps (or at least with Wake up on and 3pin selected earlier on the receiving calculator before, even if you left Link app since)...

Maybe you know the above already and I misunderstood your description but just letting you know what I observed just using OS Link so far.

Let me know what other unexpected outcomes you had so that I can contribute my thoughts in case it helps someone in the future.

Have to go now but am interested in this topic so may ask a few more things after I hear more from you
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