I want to draw a line.I tried thisBut i take ntvdm.exe error:


100:dw 10
102:mov bp,sp
104:;X=word ptr [bp+6]
104:;Y=word ptr [bp+4]
104:;Color=word ptr [bp+2]
104:;ReturnAddress=word ptr [bp]
104:;Dummy=word ptr [bp-2]
104:sub sp,2
107:mov ah,0c
109:mov al,BYTE PTR [bp+2]
10c:xor bx,bx
10e:mov cx,[bp+6]
111:mov dx,[bp+4]
114:int 10
116:mov sp,bp
118:ret 6
11b:mov ax,13
11e:int 10
120:push WORD PTR [10]
124:push WORD PTR [20]
128:push [100]
12c:call 102
12f:xor ax,ax
131:int 16
133:mov ax,3
136:int 10
Is this part of a larger program? What is the entry point? It looks like it's designed to start at 11b. Are you telling the debugger to start running your program at 11b?

Also, I don't see where the program exits back to DOS. From what little I've Googled on the subject, here's how you're supposed to exit to DOS:

mov ah,4ch
int 21h

In other words, you can't just "ret" back to DOS (if that's what you're trying to do at 138).

I don't do DOS assembly programming (talk about pain!), so I probably can't give you much more help than that.
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