Very impressive, Will! We had a previous pixel art thread somewhere, but I think it's safe to create a new one since it's been at least two or three years since the other one died.

Boredom strikes again!
I was thinking about making a 1942 clone with nazi laser blimps on the free love2d engine, would you be interested in making sprites for that?
Perhaps, although I am unfamiliar with everything you just mentioned.


By "Laser Blimps" I'm of course referring to "Tesla Zeppelins", which are dirigibles that shoot lightning.
Looks vectory.
Shouldn't we have pixel art in every post?

This isn't mine, but it makes my post valid.
Walruses (some of them are not made by me, but all of them are from

There used to be a Pokémon<>Dragon Quest hybrid project using Grosged's Sprite lib and the first 150 walruses in this list, but I eventually quit programming.
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