Generally you can just use the built-in filters. You don't really need to download any new ones for now.
The GIMP User group probably has good stuff. I'd post a link, but I'm feeling lazy tonight.

I like that site....using info from two of the tutorials there I made this:

Which tutorial?
That's pretty's a bit of a pinhole camera effect.

I used the "Scott Effect" and "Scott's Glassy Orbs"

I also used the brushed metal tutorial to create the wood.
Very nice. I haven't done much graphics design of late. Sad
check out this:

Not bad...what does it say in green??

it says "thomas dickerson". I think Im going to fiddle with it a bit more, maybe make a drop shadow for it.
Cool, go for it.

Those are freakin crazy dude, Surprised . You all should see the renderings I have been doing for thomas and I's Forum OS Project. I am about to upload more pics. Very Happy
Post 'em up in a topic somewhere!
Nice job on those, elfprince.
it was fun making em. I had a girl I like go absolutely nuts over them.....I think I will keep making them Very Happy
Is that multiple layers in GIMP or PS+Imageready?
Mind if I add some photoimpact images into this thread?

^(inside joke)

yay photoimpact

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