I am working on the trouble shooting page on the DCS wiki, and since I have found a couple odd quirks that fixes bugs in DoorsCS 7.2 I would like your input of other odd fixes you have found. Mine is..

Note: This also fixes Omnicalc for some odd reason.
1 Run Inequalz or another conflicting application.
2. Run the application again and disable it.
3. Turn calculator off then back on.
4. Restart DoorsCS 7.2.

If this does not work, Do steps 1-2. and replace step 3 with:
3. Archive all programs you want to keep.
4. Remove batteries for 30 seconds.
5. Reinsert batteries and turn the calculator back on.
6. Restart DoorsCS 7.2.

I have found in my personal expedience that most DoorsCS problems are caused by the in-equals application which uses the same hook; therefore, it is best to avoid using the in-equals application when ever possible.

What are some odd fixes that you have found?

Also if you find any thing that can not be fixed using this method about, let me know, I will try to reproduce said problem and find a way to fix it!
I haven't looked at the page this evening, so I don't yet know if Aes_Sedia5 corrected some of the problems I noted about the page early this morning, but the page that he's mentioning can be found here on the Doors CS wiki:

I have not changed anything yet, I have not had time yet. but I will try to fix the things this weekend.
Great. Actually, one thing that you can do that would be particularly helpful would be to identify a set of apps that cause conflicts of some sort with Doors CS, and what the nature of the conflicts is.
Yes I can certainly work on that. Now to start downloading all TI apps, and all apps from Ti Calc.org.... This could take awhile.

I am about half way through the TI Apps, I am strange and I am making a backup of them.... The different languages _should_ not matter right? If one language works fine they all should.
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