I am making a port of Lose Lose, originally for the computer.

So far, I have the basic structure of the game complete, but still must add couple of perks (i.e. deleting files) to separate this from a generic scrolling shooter.

For visual aid:

Also, not all my sprites are original. Surprised I was trying to make them all 8x8 or smaller sprites, because they filled up too much of the screen when they were bigger, but I still need about seven or eight of them. And so when I made all my sprites, several ran together a bit (not easy to differentiate when scrolling). Hence the sprites from Phoenix and Quigibo.
Is this all right, or should I revert to what I was doing before? I'm simply not a spriter in the first place and 8x8 sprites limit creativity.
Make sure that you properly credit the original artists in your documentation, and if possible double-check that it's ok with them. As far as the game goes, it's looking good so far (I assume it's Axe?).
That game looks cool! Maybe you can tell us what you are planning to add? Like a highscore list? Or other cool features?
Essentially, the game will go like this. You are a spaceship in alien airspace. The aliens are harmless, but you are given a gun with which you can inflict endless pain and destruction. The choice is yours; you can either kill all the alien ships or be a kind person and eventually crash and die and not hurt them. The natural tendency is to utilize the superior firepower, but there is a catch: the aliens are created based upon external files on your calc, and these files will be deleted when the aliens die. Smile

As far as features to be added:
►I will make the aliens a bit more unique in their motion paths: some will travel in a vertical sinusoid, others will chase the player, travel @ 2x speed, etc.
►You can select either a semi-automatic or fully-automatic gun, and possibly an inverse mode, where all the colors will be switched.
►I was thinking about making a cool particle explosion like in the original, but I thought this might not be different enough as was a major stipulation for making a port.
►I will try to make a highscore table that cannot be deleted by the game, so that you will always remember how much damage you inflicted on your calc. Razz
Sounds cool! Smile
Definitely sounds great to me! Keep in mind that you have exactly a week left until the contest deadline, though, and make sure that you plan your time accordingly.
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