If we can get it to work, We plan on using it as a sensor to aid in aiming the ball. The only problem is that the crio has no usb ports. We got a usb to ethernet cable and we are going to try and send the data back to the computer from the kinect by going thru the d-link and then processing it and relaying it back to the crio.
How are you all, in Java, looking for the goal with a webcam? It seems like we have to write the image to a file, and then read the file and use some NI function to find it. Am I right in that assumption?
_player1537 wrote:
How are you all, in Java, looking for the goal with a webcam? It seems like we have to write the image to a file, and then read the file and use some NI function to find it. Am I right in that assumption?

Keep in mind that for some things, you can directly work on the ColorImage instance; I only briefly looked at the documentation, but it seemed that ColorImage had code for detecting eliptical shapes, and colors, which would be probably sufficient for doing most things, like goal finding. I'm not in charge of the camera stuff, but I'll ask the guy who is at tonight's meeting and give an overview on what he's doing.
currently we have the image streaming to our custom dashboard that we are writing without going thru the crio, which reduces the lag on the robot by a lot. You got to remember if your doing image processing on the robot that processing images will increase the load on the crio a lot. Every time we have tried going thru the crio (3 years now) the lag has been too great and we had to take the camera off
So, just a update on where we are. The other day we pretty much finished the base (ie we got a working version) of our custom dashboard. it can support unlimited cameras (limited by the router ports). We also got all the data streaming over sockets now (instead of just 1 number like last time). Today we got our custom gear boxes and our chassis done and put together.

here is a video of the dashboard

images of the gearboxes
Okay, another question, how do I set up our modified dashboard to work with the robot? Like, what calls do I need to make to update data, and what do I need to do with the main dashboard to tell it to talk to our dashboard? We are using a modified version of Rhombus' program as our dashboard. I noticed on the FRC Driver Station that there is a property for Remote Dashboard which has an IP input. Should we set that as localhost (We have both dashboards running on the one computer) or set it to the real IP of our computer?
Wow thats pretty awesome that you are using my dashboard Very Happy

To use it ill have to upload the code that goes on the robot and then ill explain how to use it. Ill have it uploaded later tonight

EDIT: the robot code can be found here

I'll add some sort of instructions later if you need them, it should be pretty self explanatory on the robot part. The client side might be a little more difficult
At the Smokey Mountain Regionals, watching the FIRST (get it?) practice match of the day. We'll be here today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Is anyone else participating? If so, find team 3140 in the bleachers (behind the blue alliance station) and find me Smile


Has anyone gone to a competition yet? We ran through some qualification matches today and found that our robot is actually really good at shooting. The significance in that is that we built it to be a balancing robot, and we can't even lower the bridge today. It's like our roles got reversed Razz We're ranked ~23 out of ~56 teams, as of today, and there's still a few matches tomorrow. Not to mention, the finals are tomorrow as well, and there's a good chance that we'll get picked because we've made almost every shot we've tried for.
Transport wrote:
Who's going to be at the NC FIRST competition Question
I know Tahoma Senior High School got top rank and chairmans award for Washington state regionals.
I know we've got a few other Redditors on here, but I didn't hear about this until my friend put it on our pit:

(And the orignal: https://img.ourl.ca/rfg/first-reddit.png)

I'll probably create another account, but you might find me as Catherine1537, if I ever post anything Smile
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